Prepare for a successful 2017, with this compilation of Yello’s top talent acquisition focused blog posts. This list includes Yello’s top 10 posts that answer your talent acquisition challenges, provide unique insights and ultimately showcase the tools, tips and processes to make a recruiter’s job easier. Read through and learn how you can apply them to your organization’s recruiting efforts.

  1. The Secrets to Hiring the Best Millennial and Gen Z Talent. Looking for ways to engage emerging talent? Learn what’s important to millennial and Gen Z job seekers, and how you can best attract high-potential talent.
  2. Recruiting Generation Z: What Recruiters Need to Know. Gen Z is a group of digital natives who expect great digital experiences. This post will help you reach and connect with upcoming talent to ensure your organization is on their list of ideal places to work.
  3. 5 Alternatives to Traditional Job Descriptions. Say goodbye to “post and pray,” and hello to innovative job descriptions. Candidates crave unique job opportunities, so this post outlines how to reflect this in your job descriptions.
  4. 6 Ways to Authentically Engage Passive Candidates. To reduce sourcing time and most authentically engage talent, companies must engage candidates before they begin looking for a new opportunity. Find out the top ways to engage with passive candidates, and connect with those who most closely align with your culture and future hiring needs.
  5. The 6 Biggest Recruitment Problems Solved. No recruitment team is without a list of challenges and roadblocks that prevent them from attaining their goals on time. Here’s a list of common recruitment issues, and the tips and tools needed to solve them.
  6. Why Your Cost-Per-Hire is Too High. Ensure your talent acquisition team doesn’t have to start from scratch every time a new role opens. Learn how to build a robust talent community of engaged professionals who interact with your employer brand regularly.
  7. 5 Challenges Recruiters Face. Achieve recruiting success by identifying recruitment challenges early and developing solutions. Here are five common recruiting trouble-areas, along with actionable solutions.
  8. 10 Tips for 2016 Talent Acquisition Success. With an increasingly competitive job market, it’s important to have the tools in place to achieve your recruitment goals. These tips will help get you there.
  9. 7 Ways to Use Your Workplace as a Recruiting Tool. Space is an important factor in how employees interact with one another. Leverage your office space in the recruiting process to help you hire and retain top talent.
  10. 4 Quick Tips to Craft the Perfect Job Post. Job postings can be the deciding factor between a top candidate applying to your organization, or moving on to the next company. Make sure descriptions tell the right story by following these tips.

Eager for more ways to streamline your recruiting process? Learn how recruiting software can help you accomplish your goals.