As you finalize your talent acquisition strategy for the new year, don’t let 2017 frustrations stand in the way. This round-up features Yello’s top 10 articles that address the most common talent acquisition pain points, such as identifying the most relevant recruiting metrics, streamlining chaotic career fair recruitment initiatives and keeping a passive talent pipeline engaged. Here are the talent acquisition articles every recruiter should read before heading into 2018.

  1. Take Your Talent Acquisition Temperature. While doctors use blood pressure numbers and cholesterol scores to determine health, recruiters also need specific data points to check department vitals. Use these six recruiting metrics to determine if your team is at peak performance or needs to schedule a checkup.
  2. What is Automated Interview Scheduling and Why Recruiters Need It. If your organization’s interview scheduling process is chaotic, inconsistent and filled with manual processes, learn how to automate candidate scheduling. With automated scheduling, you’ll save valuable time, while providing candidates a positive experience.
  3. Everything to Know About Building a Passive Talent Pipeline. If every job requisition that crosses your desk immediately fills you with panic, build and maintain a passive talent pipeline to access a pool of engaged talent. Read on for strategies to build, grow and engage your passive candidate pipeline.
  4. 5 Best Practices for a Successful Internship Program. Internship programs should introduce talent to your organization, while cultivating future employees. Incorporate these strategies into your internship program to enhance the experience, both for students and your organization.
  5. What to Do in Your First 90 Days As a New Recruiter. Finding candidates who meet skill requirements, are a cultural fit and can make an impact for the organization can be overwhelming. Every new recruiter can use this three-month action plan to launch a successful career in talent acquisition.
  6. Developing a Recruiting Event Communication Plan. A candidate communication plan streamlines candidate engagement leading up to, during and after recruitment events. Follow these steps to create an effective communication plan before your next career fair.
  7. 3 Strategies to Develop an Internal Mobility Program. For talent acquisition to be successful, you can’t limit your sights to external talent—you must consider internal candidates, as well. Read on for three best practices to develop an internal mobility program.
  8. What Every Recruitment Team Needs at On-Campus Career Fairs. From securing booth space, to training business representatives and following up with candidates, campus recruiting events have many moving pieces. Learn how using software at on-campus career fairs will help your talent acquisition team recruit the best talent.
  9. The 5 Key Job Application Metrics You Need to Know. The job application is a candidate’s first interaction with your company and their entryway to the organization. Here are the five job application metrics every recruiter needs to know to improve the candidate experience.
  10. 5 Tips to Supercharge Your Employee Referral Program. Employers need to drive referrals, not wait for employees to submit their friends and colleagues. If your referral program doesn’t generate results, leverage these strategies to supercharge your efforts.

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