Between setting up phone screens, sourcing new candidates, actively recruiting at hiring events and moving candidates through the interview process, time is a valuable commodity for talent acquisition professionals. If your organization’s interview scheduling process is chaotic, inconsistent and filled with manual processes, automated interview scheduling can help. Enable your talent acquisition team to spend more time sourcing candidates and making offers by streamlining every team member’s workload with automated interview scheduling.

How Can You Benefit from Automating the Scheduling Process?

Automated interview scheduling streamlines talent acquisition teams’ workloads, allowing for greater flexibility, automated administrative functions and improved efficiency. Whether scheduling phone screens, event interviews or complex interview days, automated interview scheduling ensures the process is optimized for all participants. Automated interview scheduling helps companies meet top talent faster by eliminating candidate loss caused by unnecessary back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

Key benefits of automated interview scheduling:

  • Differentiate your candidate experience and reduce back-and-forth by empowering candidates to self-select the interview time that works best for them.
  • Lead a seamless experience for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates at high-volume hiring events with an interview scheduling app for real-time hiring needs.
  • Schedule complex interviews in seconds with artificial intelligence—empowering your team to hire faster, impress candidates and work more strategically.

Why Should Your Talent Acquisition Team Automate Scheduling?

To eliminate scheduling issues from slowing the hiring process

Scheduling interviews can be a tedious, time-intensive task for talent acquisition teams. And with 81% of job seekers expecting the hiring process to take 2 weeks or less, a speedy hiring process has become even more important.

According to a recent Yello poll, 41% of recruiters still schedule interviews over the phone. More time spent on administrative phone calls and emails means less time spent sourcing candidates and moving them through the hiring process.

How recruiters schedule interviews with candidates

41% of recruiters schedule interviews with candidates over the phone, 35% over email, 12% with interview scheduling software, and 12% through other methods

*Twitter poll, July 2019

Automated interview scheduling allows candidates to self-schedule and reschedule interviews themselves, removing the recruiting team as the middlemen from the scheduling matrix and lessening interruptions. By automating the scheduling process, recruiters can provide candidates with available time slots, which gives candidates the flexibility to schedule interviews during their preferred time, based on availability.

Take the Stress Out of Candidate Scheduling

Automated interview scheduling reduces stress and scheduling headaches for multiple members of the talent acquisition team.

Recruiter: Reduced time scheduling means more time recruiting

Recruiters juggle many pieces of the overall recruitment and hiring process. On top of working to meet aggressive hiring goals, recruiters manage a complex, ever-changing interview schedule for candidates and interview team members. This can lead to delayed processes, due to hiring managers who won’t return emails, candidates who have changing schedules and talent acquisition managers who want to know why more meetings have not been completed. Interview scheduling software helps eliminate back-and-forth emails and time-intensive phone calls, allows the hiring team to view upcoming interview schedules in real-time, and spend more time sourcing and engaging with candidates.

Automated interview scheduling helps recruiters reduce the numbers of emails and calls, which frees up more time to source and build relationships with candidates. Interview scheduling software frees up recruiters to coach candidates through the hiring process, providing an exceptional candidate experience at every step.

Manager of Talent Acquisition: Speed hiring to land in-demand talent

In a competitive hiring market, companies will lose in-demand candidates due to slow hiring processes. Often, while the hiring team is scheduling interviews over countless back-and-forth logistic emails, the candidate is already interviewing with a competitor. Automated interview scheduling empowers the hiring team to instantly schedule interviews online. Eliminating scheduling delays accelerates hiring and reduces the number of candidates who drop out of the interview process, while helping the talent acquisition team do more with their time. As a Manager of Talent Acquisition, enable your team to speed hiring, securing the top employees your company needs, sooner.

Director of Talent Acquisition Operations: Create a transparent scheduling process

Identifying inefficient recruiting processes and replacing them with scalable solutions is an important responsibility of a Director of Talent Acquisition Operations. Interview scheduling is an essential part of the hiring process, but it is also a significant time investment for recruiters. The process is entirely manual and key metrics are a mystery. To create efficiencies and improve transparency, automated interview scheduling provides complete visibility into every aspect of interview scheduling. As a Director of Talent Acquisition Operations, use automated interview scheduling to remove questions around identifying inefficient processes and to re-allocate that time to building talent acquisition processes at scale. This opens the door to streamlining processes, reducing hiring costs and to making room for larger scale initiatives, such as developing diversity programs, implementing new technology and investing in larger recruitment marketing initiatives.