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In between setting up phone screens, sourcing new candidates, actively recruiting at hiring events and moving candidates through the interview process, time is a valuable commodity for talent acquisition professionals. If your organization’s interview scheduling process is chaotic, inconsistent and filled with manual processes, automated interview scheduling can help. Enable your talent acquisition team to spend more time sourcing candidates and making offers, by streamlining every team member’s workload with automated interview scheduling. Find out the benefits of automating the scheduling process and how it will impact your talent acquisition team.

What are the Key Benefits of Automating the Scheduling Process?

Automated interview scheduling streamlines talent acquisition teams’ workloads, allowing for greater flexibility, automated administrative functions and improved efficiency. Whether scheduling interviews in advance, on-the-go or via candidate self-scheduling, automated interview scheduling ensures the scheduling process is optimized for all participants. Automated interview scheduling helps companies meet top talent faster by eliminating candidate loss caused by unnecessary back and forth emails and phone calls. Automating interview scheduling also lets candidates easily self-schedule interviews from any device, while allowing recruiters to access both the candidates’ and interview team’s schedules to set multiple interview at once, and quickly make real-time changes

Key benefits of automated interview scheduling include:
• Providing a streamlined experience for candidates and hiring managers, by scheduling all interviews on one platform
• Reducing time-to-fill by eliminating back-and-forth communication that delays in-person interviews
• Reducing candidate turnover by extending offers to candidates faster
• Enhancing the candidate experience by providing candidates the ability to schedule and reschedule interviews from any device

Why Do Talent Acquisition Teams Need to Automate Scheduling?

To eliminate scheduling issues from interfering with the hiring process.

Scheduling interviews can be a tedious, time-intensive task for talent acquisition teams. More time spent on the administrative functions of scheduling interviews means less time spent sourcing candidates and moving them through the hiring process. Automated interview scheduling allows candidates to self-schedule and reschedule interviews themselves, removing the recruiting team as the middlemen from the scheduling matrix and lessening interruptions. By automating the scheduling process, recruiters can provide candidates with available time slots, which gives candidates the flexibility to schedule interviews during their preferred time, based on availability.

To eliminate time zone confusion when scheduling interviews
When working with candidates in multiple time zones, automated interview scheduling can help avoid time and cost implications of rescheduling interviews, due to time zone confusion. The scheduling functionality will automatically adjust to both the candidates’ and interview team’s locations, eliminating any scheduling errors due to miscalculating times.

To facilitate bulk scheduling
With a self-service interview scheduling platform that integrates with your company’s applicant tracking system, multiple candidates can self-select the interview times that work best for them based on the times provided by the recruiting team. This allows recruiters to to “set it and forget it” and line up countless interviews with no scheduling headaches. This type of functionality is especially helpful when hiring high-volume positions, such as retail or call center roles.

To dedicate more time to recruitment marketing initiatives
Once interviews are scheduled, talent acquisition teams can re-allocate the number of hours saved to focus on recruitment marketing initiatives, such as a structured candidate communication program. Key components of a candidate communication program include:
• Creating a realistic job description
• Acknowledging each application
• Providing applicants with a clear roadmap of the hiring process
• Communicating with candidates quickly
• Developing a talent community
• Creating opportunities for candidates to provide feedback

To simplify event-based recruiting
Interview scheduling software reduces the administrative burden often associated with event-based recruiting. Let candidates in your organization’s talent community know about your company’s upcoming career fair schedule and send them the list of diversity and campus career fairs on your fall agenda, along with available meeting slots, to schedule meetings with top candidates in advance.

Take the Headaches Out of Scheduling Interviews

Recruiter: Reduced Time Scheduling Means More Time Recruitingrecruiter

Recruiters juggle many pieces of the overall recruitment marketing and hiring process. On top of working to meet aggressive hiring goals, recruiters manage a complex, ever-changing interview schedule for candidates and interview team members. This can lead to delayed processes, due to hiring managers who won’t return emails, candidates who have dynamic schedules and talent acquisition managers who want to know why more meetings have not been completed. Interview scheduling software helps eliminate back-and-forth emails and time-intensive phone calls, allows the hiring team to view upcoming interview schedules in real-time, and spend more time sourcing and engaging with candidates.

  • How a Recruiter can benefit from automated interview scheduling: Automated interview scheduling helps recruiters reduce the numbers of emails and calls, which frees up more time to source candidates, as well as focus on career development. As a recruiter, capitalize on this time saved, and invest it in yourself by:
    • Attending an industry conference. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing your job the same way repeatedly, without stopping to learn new best practices, industry trends or tips. Attending an industry conference can help talent acquisition professionals learn something new, and provide the opportunity to learn from industry leaders.
    • Taking an online class. Setting aside a few hours a week to take online courses on a site such as, or another industry source, can help you brush up business skills that could help improve interactions with candidates or prepare for an upcoming promotion. Look into communication courses, to correspond more concisely with both candidates; leadership courses to learn more about becoming one of the company’s future leaders; social media marketing courses to help reach top candidates more creatively, and more.


Manager of Talent Acquisition: Speed Hiring to Land In-Demand TalentTalent Acquisition Manager

Team managers are responsible for ensuring team members meet recruiting goals. In a competitive hiring market, companies are likely to lose in-demand candidates due to slow hiring processes. Often, while the hiring team is scheduling interviews over countless back-and-forth logistic emails, the candidate is already interviewing with a competitor. Automated interview scheduling empowers the hiring team to instantly schedule interviews online. Eliminating scheduling delays accelerates hiring and reduces the number of candidates who drop out of the interview process, while helping the talent acquisition team do more with their time.

  • How a Manager of Talent Acquisition can benefit from automated interview scheduling: As a Manager of Talent Acquisition, use automated interview scheduling to reduce the amount of time following up with team members and tracking progress, to focus more on establishing the talent acquisition strategy and setting SMART (S=specific; M=measurable; A=agreed upon; R=realistic; T=time-based) recruitment marketing goals. Aligning these SMART goals with the company’s business objectives will continue to elevate the talent acquisition team’s presence within the company. A component of elevating the team’s presence is having a voice in the company’s narrative. The recruiting team is the first point of contact and the first experience that many have with your organization. How are you telling the story? As Manager of Talent Acquisition, partner with the marketing team to co-own the company’s messaging to job seekers.  Also, part of the marketing department’s responsibility is to stay current on industry trends, and shape the message to reflect market shifts. Use their research and expertise to co-create messages that market open positions, the company lifestyle and the brand.


Director of Talent Acquisition Operations: Create a Transparent Scheduling ProcessRecuring Operations Director

Identifying inefficient recruiting processes and replacing them with scalable solutions is an important responsibility of a Director of Talent Acquisition Operations. Interview scheduling is an essential part of the hiring process, but it is also a significant time investment for recruiters. The process is entirely manual and key metrics are a mystery. To create efficiencies and improve transparency, automated interview scheduling provides complete visibility into every aspect of interview scheduling, by enabling the team to schedule interviews online.

  • How a Director of Talent Acquisition Operations can benefit from automated interview scheduling: As a Director of Talent Acquisition Operations, use automated interview scheduling to remove the questions around identifying inefficient processes and to re-allocate that time to building talent acquisition processes at scale. This opens the door to streamlining processes, reducing hiring costs and to making room for larger scale initiatives, such as developing diversity programs, implementing new technology and investing in larger recruitment marketing initiatives. There are several important partnerships that will help facilitate these goals:
    • Collaborate with the CTO to implement a comprehensive technology platform that will integrate with automated interview scheduling, to help your team hire the right candidates at the right time. A recruitment marketing and operations software platform that includes functionality such as video interviewing, calendar integration and reporting will elevate a well-run talent acquisition department into a high-performing team, which makes a significant impact on the business. The right technology will help your team engage, capture and nurture top candidates, while seamlessly converting them to hires.
    • Partner with the CMO to keep up-to-date on digital trends. Perception is a critical piece of hiring top talent. If candidates observe an inactive or non-existent social media presence or can’t find the type of career content that answers their questions as they research an organization, they may perceive that organization as irrelevant in their job search. Meet regularly with your organization’s CMO, to ensure the company’s recruitment marketing meets current branding, you are actively recruiting on current social platforms and you are producing the content these candidates want to read.
    • Partner with the CTO on career page site speed. Candidates will not wait for slow-loading careers pages—they will simply move on to the next company. The performance of the careers page is a reflection on the rest of your business. Slow load times may lead to questions such as: Are overall processes slow? Are growth opportunities lagging? Will it be difficult to complete projects due to internal roadblocks? Test your career page site speed using a tool like Google’s Mobile Website Speed Tester, educate yourself with this information, then take the findings to your CTO to begin the conversation.

Learn more about how your talent acquisition team can benefit from automated interview scheduling and how to easily implement.

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