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Does your candidate communication strategy need to be refreshed? Are you looking for more comprehensive analytics to guide your hiring strategy? Are your team’s manual recruitment processes getting in the way of sourcing candidates? Attend the 2017 Yello Conference, May 2-3, 2017 in Chicago, to learn new strategies that will solve your talent acquisition challenges. Leaders in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing and operations from top organizations will share data-driven trends, insightful approaches and new ideas to reinvent your talent strategy. Below are five reasons to bring your talent acquisition team to #Yello17.

1. Gain inspiration from industry leaders

Through expert keynotes and interactive sessions, learn from talent acquisition leaders who have implemented solutions to persistent recruiting challenges. Gain a real-world view into how industry colleagues identified bottlenecks, overcame challenges and how they envision the future of talent acquisition. Your team will leave the conference inspired to transform your organization’s processes and explore new ways to recruit and retain top talent for your company.

2. Commit to new ideas

Fostering a culture focused on continued progress and advancement is essential to reach competitive hiring goals. Between keeping candidates engaged, sourcing new talent and extending offers, finding time to be creative can be a challenge. At Yello17, your team will spend two full days sharpening current skills, while gaining new tools. By dedicating time to learning about the latest advancements in talent acquisition, your team will take away big ideas to enhance your practices.

3. Become technology experts

Technology is central to a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy. Through an inside look at the Yello product roadmap, be among the first to preview Yello’s software enhancements and upcoming new technologies. Your team will meet with Yello consultants who will answer questions, demonstrate must-know tips and guide them to become recruitment technology experts. After the conference, use your technology knowledge to speed sourcing, build your strongest candidate pipelines and accelerate hiring, to put your talent acquisition team at the forefront of recruitment.

4. Network with your peers

Join 100+ of your peers who share the same challenges, have similar goals and are driving the future of recruitment. Discuss solutions to common problems, ask each other questions and share industry-specific insights. Gain a fresh perspective on your own processes and motivate your team to continue seeking the most effective ways to coordinate with hiring mangers, be transparent with candidates, hire best-fit talent and more.

5. Execute on day one

Bring your whole team to Yello17 so each member will return to work with the tools needed to carry out innovative recruitment strategies. Learn to solve pain points and identify the best ways to take advantage of new tools and resources to address the challenges that have been frustrating your team for months. With the same knowledge-sets, resources and conference takeaways, the team will be ready to execute forward-thinking processes on the first day back at work.

Are you ready to bring your team to the 2017 Yello Conference? Click here to register.

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