The key to organizing your workload lies in the palm of your hand. Be strategic with your go-to mobile apps, to help you to stay organized, save valuable time and streamline your recruitment initiatives. Below are six apps every recruiter should download.

  1. Google Drive: Between rushing from career fairs to interviews to networking events, you may find yourself rarely at your desktop computer. Download the Google Drive app to access your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms in the palm of your hand. You can easily view files from colleagues, resumes from applicants and make last minute edits to your campus visit presentation.
  2. Mobile recruiting apps: Recruit from anywhere, easily with mobile recruiting apps. These apps allow you to capture candidate data/resumes, access real-time candidate information and oversee scheduling while online and offline. This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing all candidate information is captured at events compliantly, and you can immediately move candidates to the next step of the interview process before other companies do.
  3. Skype: Download the Skype app to ensure you can still attend every meeting face-to-face, even if you’re at an off-site career fair or campus visit. If you are still deciding if video interview software is right for you, conduct Skype interviews in lieu of phone screens to get a glimpse into the many benefits of video interviewing.
  4. Hootsuite: Easily manage all your social media accounts from one location, with this social media management app. Use Hootsuite to schedule Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posts in advance. Easily engage, and share relevant industry content with all your networks, from one central location.
  5. OpenTable: If lunch interviews or post-work networking cocktails are in your recruitment repertoire, the OpenTable app will help you find the best restaurants and make it easy to make last minute reservations. If you’re traveling to an out-of-town career fair or campus visit, OpenTable can give you suggestions of restaurants nearby.
  6. Evernote: If you have lists on lists for all your professional and personal to-do’s, the Evernote app can help you streamline these lists into one location. Evernote also lets you take notes, create to-do lists, share ideas and co-work on projects in one creative space. Use Evernote to ditch all those post-it notes you have been using to write down your reminders — and don’t waste anymore time trying to decipher your own handwriting!

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