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As graduation season approaches, many college students will move away from their hometowns and college cities to begin new careers. The 2017 Yello Collegiate Study: Undergraduate Expectations surveyed more than 1,700 college students and found the number one reason college students choose to work in a particular city is because it is an industry hub. Learn how to highlight industry leadership at your company and emphasize your city’s benefits in your organization’s campus recruitment marketing.

Demonstrate industry expertise

The 2017 Yello Collegiate Study: Undergraduate Expectations found that 32% of college students want to work in a city that is the hub of their future field. These soon-to-be grads value the thought leadership, expertise and innovation that comes with living and working in a city instrumental to their industry. To attract college students, demonstrate why your city and company are leaders in a particular field. At campus recruitment events, share information about influential executives and alumni of your organization, highlight awards and inclusion on industry lists, share customer testimonials and highlight innovative new products your company builds that are making a notable impact in the field.

Highlight the city’s lifestyle benefits
For college students starting their first job, moving to a new city means leaving the familiarity of the places they grew up and attended college. Stand out among other in-demand cities by highlighting your city’s advantages, such as a strong public transit system, a thriving arts community or access to outdoor activities. If your city is affordable, demonstrate low cost-of-living with statistics on median rent and home prices. Encourage new hires to explore your city by offering transit discounts and bikeshare memberships, and schedule team outings to visit local cultural attractions.

Focus on access to industry experts

College students are eager to learn from leaders in their field, and want to harness this expertise to jumpstart their careers. To increase the likelihood that students accept your offer, show how your organization provides opportunities to learn from both company and industry experts. Establish a mentorship program matching entry-level hires with company executives to discuss career aspirations. If your company hosts lunch-and-learns with team leaders on new skills and technologies, consider sharing videos of the events with your undergraduate talent community.

Promote a diverse company culture

Nearly a quarter of respondents in the 2017 Yello Collegiate Study: Undergraduate Expectations want to work in a city that is culturally diverse. To attract top student talent, offer benefits and programs that reinforce your organization’s commitment to diversity in culture and thought. Create a diversity committee any employee can join, and enable committee members to build programs to support an inclusive environment through trainings and employee workshops. Bring together a team from different educational backgrounds and industries to encourage diversity in thought, and consider providing employees time off from work to volunteer or participate in civic engagement programs.

Demonstrate a technology-first workplace

Today’s college students grew up browsing the internet and texting with friends. Demonstrate your company’s position as an industry leader and appeal to college students by embracing new technology. At college recruitment events, use Yello Interview Scheduling Software to let candidates self-select interview times, and use tablets to share photos of your office and employee events. In the workplace, facilitate employee collaboration from anywhere through video meetings, document collaboration software and internal social networks.

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