The 2022 WayUp Candidate Survey underlines the importance of transparent communication, with 94% of respondents expressing a desire to comprehend the reasons behind their ineligibility for a job. However, going the extra mile to support candidates, even in rejection, can significantly bolster your employer brand and set your organization apart from the competition.

Connecting Candidates to New Opportunities for Positive Employer Branding

To truly stand out and create a memorable candidate experience, it’s crucial to provide candidates with additional support, even when they aren’t the right fit for your organization. Recognizing the value of candidates’ professional growth and directing them to resources that assist in their job search journey not only enhances the overall candidate experience, but also reinforces your commitment to supporting candidates’ career aspirations. This approach contributes to fostering a positive and reputable employer brand, even for those who might not immediately align with your organization.

Harnessing WayUp’s Abundant Opportunities for Early Talent Candidates

WayUp offers a vast array of relevant opportunities tailored for early talent candidates with 0-5 years of experience. Integrating this resource into your candidate outreach strategy can be a game-changer, providing rejected candidates with valuable avenues to explore that align with their skills and ambitions. By making a simple adjustment to your candidate templates, you can seamlessly refer rejected candidates to WayUp, demonstrating your genuine dedication to their long-term career success and solidifying your position as an organization that prioritizes candidates’ professional growth and well-being.

Elevating Candidate Experience Through Thoughtful Messaging

Incorporating the following sample language into your rejection emails can further enhance the candidate experience and reinforce your commitment to their career journey:

  • “We’re excited to let you know we’ve partnered with WayUp to provide you with other opportunities to help you in your career journey. [Click here](insert link) to explore.”
  • “We’re excited to be a partner in your career journey. While it wasn’t a direct fit this time, please keep us in mind for the future. Get career advice and access to other opportunities through our partner WayUp.”
  • “PS – If you are looking to explore career advice and other opportunities, we’d love to help you on your journey. Checkout our partner, WayUp, and explore thousands of opportunities and career advice daily.”
  • “PS – We’re happy to share that we’ve partnered with WayUp to help you on your journey if you are still exploring other early-career opportunities. [Click here](insert link) to get started.”

Strengthening Employer Branding Through Candidate-Centric Initiatives

By incorporating a candidate-centric approach that emphasizes candidates’ professional growth and well-being, you not only create a positive and lasting association with your employer brand but also position your organization as an advocate for continuous development and support. Prioritizing candidates’ career journeys and contributing to their overall success fosters a robust employer brand that resonates with top-tier talent, establishing your organization as a preferred destination for exceptional candidates in the industry.

Automate Candidate Communication with Recruiting Software

Streamline communication and save time with automated candidate relationship management platforms with email drip campaigns. Advanced filtering allows you to automatically organize candidates into targeted pipelines based on any criteria, eliminating manual tagging busywork. Using time frames (send one week after enrolling in campaign) rather than dates (October 5, 2023) for sending makes it easy to set and forget those evergreen campaigns . With these features, you can focus on building meaningful candidate relationships and boost your employer branding with minimal effort. Automated segmented outreach powered by recruiting software helps turn rejected applicants into future talent pipeline leads!

At Yello, we recognize the significance of prioritizing candidate experience and strengthening employer branding. Our comprehensive platform is designed to empower organizations to build meaningful candidate relationships at scale. With automated tools like segmented outreach campaigns, we help teams adopt a candidate-centric approach to recruitment. Partner with Yello today to unlock the full potential of your recruitment process. Let’s shape a future where candidate care and employer branding drive recruitment success.