Goodman Networks, which helps customers build and maintain wireless networks, grew quickly and now employs more than 2,500 field technicians. Most of these technicians are 18 to 29-year-old members of the Millennial and Gen Z workforce. To keep up with growth and continue to meet high-volume hiring goals, the Goodman Networks talent team needed to create a scaleable hiring process, while leveraging additional ways to build and nurture a pipeline of Millennial and Gen Z candidates.

Goodman Networks began searching for a technology partner to streamline hiring and effectively engage the Millennial and Gen Z workforce. They sought a partner who could help them achieve their two top goals:

  1. Engage the Millennial and Gen Z workforce: Goodman Networks’ candidates are often in the field, not at a desk checking email. To nurture talent and build a pipeline, they needed to engage in ways that work for candidates’ lifestyles.
  2. Scale high-volume hiring initiatives: Disjointed systems and inconsistent interview practices slowed the hiring process and prevented visibility into the candidate journey. The company needed to streamline the hiring process to eliminate bottlenecks and extend offers, faster.

Engage Millennials and Gen Z to Achieve High-Volume Hiring Goals

“Yello’s software is a game changer that will generate ROI for our talent acquisition team and facilitate positive candidate engagement.” — Marshall Green, Vice President of Human Resources, Goodman Networks

Goodman Networks partnered with Yello to scale high-volume hiring initiatives and identify additional avenues to engage the Millennial and Gen Z workforce. With Yello, Goodman Networks eliminated disjointed systems, bringing sourcing, recruiting and interviewing to a central platform every stakeholder can access. A digital candidate evaluation process uses configurable evaluation forms to reduce manual recruiter follow-up for feedback. These consistent, scaleable practices ensure candidates advance quickly, streamlining high-volume hiring.

To reach candidates who are often in the field, the talent team needed to meet prospects where they already are—their phones. According to The 2017 Yello Recruiting Study, 86 percent of candidates feel positively when text messages are used during the hiring process. Goodman Networks turned to text campaigns to keep candidates engaged with career opportunities. Talent communities enable the recruiting team to easily capture candidate information and build the talent pipeline. Recruiters keep this pipeline warm with automated email campaigns and tailored messaging, to cultivate a pool of talent to fill future positions.

A Goodman Networks and Yello Partnership

In an HR technology marketplace flooded with tools, Goodman Networks ultimately chose to partner with Yello because:

  • Vice President of Human Resources Marshall Green used Yello’s talent acquisition software in a previous role. He knew it optimized the recruitment process, providing measurable ROI for talent acquisition teams. Marshall looked forward to the software’s impact on Goodman Networks’ talent processes.
  • The company needed a technology partner that fit their unique needs for high-volume roles. The Yello support teams were eager to understand challenges and identify best practices that streamline high-volume hiring. Yello also partnered with Goodman Networks’ legal and IT security organizations to answer questions and plan ahead, setting the stage for a successful software implementation.

The partnership between Goodman Networks and Yello provides the talent team with tools to meet high-volume hiring goals, while nurturing a pipeline of Millennial and Gen Z talent. The software enables talent acquisition teams to modernize the candidate experience and stand out to talent, to hire more candidates, faster. Implementing Yello’s candidate engagement platform pushes Goodman Networks closer to achieving their goal of becoming the employer of choice in the telecommunications industry.

Want to learn more about how Goodman Networks uses Yello to achieve high-volume hiring goals? Request a demo of Yello’s software.