With the majority of Gen Z candidates now in high school, you need to start reaching out to them early. More importantly, you need to consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has strongly affected Zoomers’ career preferences. Through recent national surveys, Yello Sourcing Marketplace partner Tallo recently gathered some telling statistics on the current Gen Z mindset:

99% want to establish employer connections now. 

Even if you don’t hire out of high school, Gen Zers want to know who you are. 81% strongly agree it’s more important than ever to establish connections with employers even if there are no immediate job openings — and an additional 18% somewhat agree. This is a significant jump from the 59% pre-pandemic statistic of December 2019.

1 in 3 Gen Z canidates are reconsidering their career choice due to COVID-19.

More than one out of every three Gen Zers report they are reconsidering their career choice to avoid industries they see as being negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are turning toward three specific industries:

  • Workforce Safety and Health
  • Marketing Sales and Content Production
  • Cloud Computing / IT

And turning away from two traditional choices:

  • Construction
  • Hospitality

40% are less likely to leave their hometown for work.

Location is also an issue: 40% of Gen Zers report that the pandemic has made them less likely to find a job outside of their hometown.

91% want employers to know about their experience, before reaching out.

With their innate comfort with creating digital presences, and heightened interest in working from home, 91% of Gen Zers believe employers should know professional details about them before reaching out. What’s more, 62% believe employers should also know personal details.

94% prefer to connect via email.

The seriousness of the present has served to reinforce Gen Z preferences for how they hear from recruiters and companies. Surprisingly for many:

  • 94% want to be connected via email
  • 63% want to be connected on a professional site like LinkedIn or Tallo
  • 50% want to be connected of a job resume site
  • 44% want to be connected by phone
  • 29% want to be connected by text
  • 14% want to be connected by social media

DEI: Gender Pronouns are Important to Gen Z

In addition, Tallo’s insights into Gen Z have revealed one of the best ways for your company to stand out from the pack. WFH meetings and conferences are shining a spotlight on who makes up a company’s workforce, and Gen Z survey respondents made it clear they are concerned about diversity and inclusion:

88% said it’s important that recruiters or potential employers ask people about their preferred gender pronouns, but only 18% have ever had a conversation where they were asked. So asking that question separates you from 82% of other recruiters.

The most important takeaway for companies is that if your industry offers an easily‑discernible post‑COVID growth path, there has never been a better time to get your opportunities in front of Gen Z. At the high school level, many career and technical student organizations (CTSO) hold activities and events that connect students with future employers.

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