According to research from Kelton Research and Jibe, 86% of job seekers say they would use their phone to search for a job.

For recruiting teams, that means it’s safe to assume most candidates are finding your job listings — and likely applying to them — on their phones. In fact, the same study found that 65% of those candidates would search for jobs on their phone, while nearly half would apply to open positions or track their application status.

Why it matters

As we’ve evolved into the mobile era of recruitment, candidates now have the ability to find opportunities at any company, at any time — all in the palm of their hand.

That means your company’s career page and job site are more critical for the candidate experience than ever before. At the same time, nearly two thirds of HR professionals (63%) say their website doesn’t adequately show their employee journey or help to attract candidates.

When it comes to empowering candidates to apply for jobs from their mobile devices, companies are lagging far behind candidates. According to Yello’s 2019 Recruiting Study, 69% of candidates find mobile apply useful — but only 31% of companies use it.

Giving candidates the job board they need

More than 40% candidates say they want an easy online application experience. What does that mean for your team? A mobile-optimized job board.

This is becoming even more critical as younger generations enter the workforce. Gen Z is the generation most likely to feel strongly about your technology, with the majority saying they would not complete an application if your recruiting methods were outdated.

Millennials also value tech during the application process — 1 in 4 would not apply to a position if the company’s career page wasn’t accessible via mobile device.

A graph showing that Gen Z is most likely not to apply when recruiting models are oudated. Gen X is most likely to apply anyway.

Regardless, any job board that isn’t optimized for mobile devices will prohibit a large amount of qualified candidates from interacting with you and learning about — or applying to — your opportunities.  

Bottom line: In the new mobile-first era, companies that provide candidates with mobile-optimized job listings, application processes and beyond will ultimately attract more quality talent and create a better candidate experience. 

Yello’s Job Board software helps you improve the job search and attract more qualified applicants — empowering your team to fill roles faster, showcase your employer brand and enhance the application experience.

Simplify the job search

Fill roles faster by making it easy for candidates to learn about your employer brand, find the right positions and take action in clicks.

  • Robust filters and search
  • Easy back-end editor
  • Mobile-friendly application forms

Create proactive talent communities

Cultivate passive talent and grow your talent pool by giving candidates more options to express interest before open positions are posted.

  • Segmented talent communities
  • Personalized job alerts
  • Share hiring & networking events

Built-in job board distribution

Promote your openings more effectively with built-in external job board postings to find the right talent in any industry, anywhere in the world.

  • Automatically post to external job boards
  • Easily share on social media
  • Support OFCCP regulations

Analyze job board performance

Track key candidate and application metrics to gain job board insights and improve your conversion rates and distribution strategy.

  • Reporting and metrics
  • Pipeline visualizations
  • Engagement analytics
Job Board Metrics Screenshot

Better job boards, better candidate experience

Build a better candidate experience with Yello — ensuring a complex application process doesn’t get in the way of candidates finding and applying to the right opportunity. Whether you’re looking to expand your reach or attract passive candidates, Yello has the functionality you need to create a fully-branded, mobile-optimized job board that works for candidates and staff.