Candidate consent management and data retention can be confusing and complicated for recruiting teams — especially for those sourcing or engaging passive candidates. But for global organizations or those needing to comply with laws like GRPR, not following those regulations can result in fines, litigation, or reputational damage.

Yello is excited to release new functionality that allows organizations to:

  • Better track candidate consent status
  • Request consent at time of candidate creation
  • Send reminders and automate purging candidates who do not consent
  • Restrict who can view candidates that have not yet consented

The new functionality also ensures that privacy controls are centralized across recruiting teams, and provides a traceable history for purging data based on those privacy policies.

Ultimately, these new features will improve compliance with regulations like GDPR that require candidates to give clear and informed consent for how their data can be used.

For more information, please contact your Yello representative.