As with any technology, online recruitment software comes with its own set of features, buzzwords and acronyms. If you’re trying to determine the best online recruitment software, or simply figure out the difference between an ATS and a CRM, check out our breakdown of some commonly-asked questions:

What is online recruitment software?

Simply put, online recruitment software helps automate the recruitment process.

Why should recruiters use online recruitment software?

Recruiters are inundated with information: candidates, companies, hiring events, resumes and interviews, all accumulated from a variety of places. Online recruitment software streamlines the amount of information at a recruiter’s fingertips through searchable, easy-to-use applications that can be used during every step of the candidate journey.  

Can online recruitment software replace paperwork?

Yes! Taking a modern, digital-first approach, online recruitment software eliminates the need for physical resumes throughout the recruiting process. Online recruitment software also allows for time-consuming tasks like posting jobs, assessing applicants and scheduling interviews to be automated.

What features should online recruitment software offer?

Online recruitment software can be broken into three categories with specific sets of features: talent acquisition software, recruitment marketing software and recruitment operations software. Here’s a look at Yello’s talent acquisition platform and how these features are broken out:

Talent Acquisition Software

Talent acquisition software fills the top of the recruitment funnel with a pipeline of interested, qualified candidates. Candidates can be imported into a single location through job boards, ATS integrations and employee referrals programs. Talent communities collect candidate information to help create effective marketing campaigns and find qualified candidates before a role becomes available. Recruitment candidate relationship management (CRM) enables recruiters to view complete candidate records, search for specific skills or attributes and collect feedback through every step of the candidate journey.

Recruitment CRM Software

Recruitment CRM software builds relationships with candidates in the talent pipeline. At recruitment events like career fairs and diversity recruitment conferences, online recruitment software helps streamline event planning, engage attendees and digitally capture candidate information. Automated email campaigns and text messaging enables recruiters to increase the visibility of an employer brand, backed up by statistics to monitor a campaign’s success. Job boards software allows candidates to easily apply for open positions on desktop and mobile devices.

Recruitment Operations Software

Recruitment operations software coordinates the recruitment process itself. Through application workflows, candidates can be offered unique job application forms that feature automated screening questions and assessments. Online recruitment software enables online interview scheduling, allowing candidates, recruiters and interviewers to find the perfect time to meet with the help of Gmail and Outlook calendar integration. Evaluation management helps customize the interview process through consistent digital evaluation forms, allowing interviews to collect standardized candidate feedback. Video interview software allows employers to conduct live or on-demand interviews anywhere there’s an internet connection.

What is the difference between an ATS and a recruitment CRM?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) stores applicant information and helps manage the application process. Because an ATS is focused specifically on applicants, an ATS doesn’t build a unified collection of active and passive candidates.

Recruitment CRM is online recruitment software that acts as a total talent hub, offering a complete view of active candidates, passive candidates and previously existing applicants. Leveraging recruitment CRM allows recruiters to proactively build relationships with candidates through every step of the candidate journey.

Does online recruitment software work with my company’s existing applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Yes! Yello integrates with Taleo, Workday and other applicant tracking systems that use an open API.