What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to a recruitment strategy used to attract and nurture passive candidates through marketing. The purpose of a recruitment marketing campaign is to let candidates know about your company, inform candidates about open positions, generate interest in your organization and, ultimately, lead candidates to apply for open roles. 

Organizations dedicate resources to building recruitment marketing campaigns to attract interest in their employer brands. Beyond simply building a career section on a company site, recruitment marketing tools can craft messages targeted towards individualized personas that help passive candidates learn more about a company’s culture and potential job opportunities. Recruitment marketing campaigns can help fill talent pipelines with high-quality candidates who have expressed an interest in working with your organization.

What is an employer brand?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the employer brand is the identity of an organization that is communicated to potential and current employees. In other words, a well-defined employer brand illustrates a company’s purpose, values and culture.

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Much like any other brand, it’s a way to demonstrate what your company is, who it’s for and what it stands for. It communicate the mission and vision of your company, and shows candidates why they want to join your organization.

A recruitment marketing strategy showcases your employer brand to candidates at all touch points throughout the recruitment process. Engaging content can be shared though email campaigns, text messaging and job board software, giving candidates insights into an organization beyond the job itself.

And by marketing towards specific personas — like military veterans, for example — your job descriptions, new hire announcements or employee testimonials can help attract a wide range of talent.

What tools are used to build recruitment marketing campaigns?

Yello’s recruitment marketing platform includes recruitment events software, candidate engagement software and job board software:

  • Recruitment events software keeps candidates engaged before and after hiring events by marketing to them through social media and job sites. Through detailed insights, recruiting teams can measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and the return on investment for any specific recruitment event.
  • Candidate engagement software showcases your employer brand to candidates through highly personalized email and text recruiting communications. Campaign management tools make it easy to market to passive candidates and guide them to apply for an open position.
  • Job board software enables interested candidates to find open roles at your organization, supported by job board content that highlights your employer brand.

Building a thorough recruitment marketing campaign can fill your talent pipeline, generate buzz for your employer brand and fill open positions with top-notch candidates.

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