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December 20, 2018 Yello Highlights


Freight trains.

What’s the first thing that just came to mind? Railroad ties, heavy machinery, rusty metal, loud noises, perhaps? Try this: technological innovation.

That’s right. Norfolk Southern has put technology at the forefront of its business model. They have a fleet of self-driving locomotives. The old-fashioned caboose has been replaced with high-tech end-of-train telemetry devices. Track geometry cars collect vast amounts of track health data. And they use state-of-the-art talent acquisition software to manage their employee recruitment processes.

Yello has become a critical tool for recruiters as Norfolk Southern aims to reimagine the railroad of the future. Take it from them:

“It offers us an interaction with the candidate that demonstrates our technological advancements — that we’re not just an old industry, we’re a technologically savvy company. And we’re able to demonstrate that by the footprint we’re leaving with candidates, the digital experience.”

-Traci Caldwell, Recruiting Manager

Here’s the best part: Leveraging Yello, Norfolk Southern has reduced their overall recruitment process from several months to a few weeks (sometimes even days).

Now that is something to celebrate, no matter the industry.

Check out this great video from Norfolk Southern to see how they’ve made the most of Yello’s video interviewing, event marketing and candidate engagement features:

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Congratulations, Norfolk Southern. Keep on innovating.

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