Some recruiters tend to think of younger generations like millennials and Gen Z as impatient, needing instant gratification throughout the hiring process.

But new research from our 2019 Recruiting Study shows it might be in recruiters’ best interest to keep up with those demands.

In fact, all generations in the workforce — including Gen X, millennials and Gen Z — overwhelmingly agree that a hiring process of 2 weeks or less is ideal.

Overall, an average of 81% of candidates expect a 2-week hiring process at most. So what does this mean for your team?

Why it matters

The record-breaking low unemployment rate means we’re living in a candidate-driven market. That means candidates have the upper hand at almost every stage of the hiring process: from sourcing to negotiation. Ultimately, companies that adapt to this new power dynamic will see more success and hire more top-tier candidates than those who refuse to change their approach.

In terms of interview scheduling, that means accelerating your work to meet the expectations of the labor market — or else, you may be missing out on top talent. According to Robert Half, more than two-thirds (67%) of candidates in the current market have accepted another offer because they waited too long to hear about a preferred role.

What’s more, Gen Z is five times more likely to be frustrated by the endless back-and-forth communications involved with interview scheduling than Gen X. Creating a more streamlined process isn’t just critical now — it will only become more important with the new generation of talent.

How you can keep up

With the tightest labor market ever, speed is critical: not only to meet candidate expectations, but also to ensure your company can hire the best talent before the competition.

According to our 2019 Recruiting Study, 35% of recruiters say they don’t have enough time to engage candidates.

Of those recruiters, 62% point to interview scheduling as the most time-consuming task preventing them from building relationships with candidates — more than any other kind of work.

And according to Brandon Hall, nearly half of candidates point to evaluations and interviews as the most important impact point for candidate experience during the hiring process.

Bottom line: recruiters focused on the scheduling process and experience at candidate interviews will make a greater impact with candidates and ultimately see more success.

Yello’s scheduling solutions are built to reduce admin work for all types of interviews — helping your team hire faster, build stronger candidate relationships and work more strategically. Here are some of our most popular interview scheduling tools, and what current clients have to say about them:

Phone Screen Scheduling

Stand out to candidates and eliminate endless back-and-forth communications by empowering candidates to self-select the interview time that works best for them.

  • Branded self-scheduling landing pages
  • Candidate communication templates
  • Automatic criteria screening
  • Staff availability management

“With the scheduling tool, we can get in contact with candidates quickly and save our recruiters’ time by allowing the candidates to select their own interview slots.”

Event Scheduling

Create a seamless experience for your team, hiring managers and talent at high volume hiring events. Yello’s event-based scheduling integrates directly with our recruitment events management tool for real-time hiring needs.

  • Multi-party interview scheduling
  • Automated text confirmations
  • Invitation management and RSVPs
  • Post-event actions and follow-up

“We’re getting offers out faster. We’re getting acceptances faster. That’s thanks to next day interviews which would not have been possible without Yello.”
Phillips 66 

Interview Day Scheduling

Schedule complex, multi-session interviews in seconds with an AI-powered availability matching algorithm — empowering your team to accelerate hiring, impress candidates and work more strategically.

  • AI-powered scheduling algorithm
  • Multi-session and panel interviews
  • Real-time calendar and room availability
  • Streamlined RSVPs and rescheduling

“This tool is really innovative. That not only gives you ROI from a staffing perspective, but I think engages candidates to be more involved in the process and reduces the time to get offers out to candidates — which I think makes for a better overall candidate experience.”

What could your hiring process look like?

Whatever your ideal candidate experience or interview scheduling workflow looks like, Yello has the solutions to help you make it a reality. Give your team the tools to impress candidates — and ensure you never get left behind in the race for top talent.