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To attract the best talent, the first step should be looking internally. According to the 2016 Yello Recruiting Study, 94 percent of recent grads would refer their current company to a friend. Leveraging these existing relationships is an untapped market; investing in a referral program can help your company continue to attract top talent and future leaders, while facilitating engagement and retention of current employees. Once these candidates are referred to your company, it’s important to create the best candidate experience possible. Read on to find out the secrets to hiring the best millennial and Gen Z talent.

Referral Technology

Investing in referral technology can create a seamless referral experience with your company. Referral software enables employees to easily refer candidates, track their referral’s progress and calculate their associated reward. Referral technology also increases the applicant-to-hire conversion rate; automates the incentive process for referrals process to facilitate employee engagement and retention; streamlines communication between talent acquisition, human resources and payroll departments; and mitigates legal risks associated with many multinational companies’ stringent employee referral policies.

Mobile-Optimized Career Page

The 2016 Yello Recruiting Study found one in five recent grads didn’t apply to a job because the career page wasn’t optimized for mobile. These candidates are constantly on their phones, ordering food, paying rent and texting friends. Ensure your job application process is not just mobile-responsive, but mobile-optimized. Simple changes, such as letting applicants access their resume from a cloud service or start a job application on their phone before saving and finishing on their laptop, will draw in 20 percent more talent thanks to the ease of use on mobile.

Offer Speed

Once referrals are in the application process, move them through the interview process quickly. 62 percent of recent grads surveyed in the 2016 Yello Recruiting Study, said that the speed at which they received a job offer impacted their decision to accept. Companies able to collect resumes and schedule interviews on the spot, at career fairs, have a clear advantage over competitors who review paper resumes during days/weeks post career fair, before being able reaching out to candidates. Speed is of the essence throughout the entire interview process as well, including how quickly a company issues a job offer. The faster an employer moves a candidate through the process, the better chance they have at a signed acceptance letter.

Continued Engagement

If there is not a relevant position open for every referral, make sure those candidates are entered into your talent community and keep them engaged until a relevant position opens. Take-away strategies include:

  • Produce great content to keep your company top-of-mind with referrals. Create communications like employee testimonials, messages from the CEO, industry trends and recent media coverage of your company.
  • Since you already have their information, create personalized content that relates to their particular job search. Send them information relevant to their specialization or industry, location, and how to grow within their career. These candidates are already interested in your company, so take this opportunity to impress them with tailored messaging.
  • Shine the spotlight on your company’s unique characteristics, culture and mission. Share additional benefits your company offers, such as remote working opportunities, sabbaticals, better health benefits or mentorship opportunities.

Growth Opportunities

Millennial and Gen Z candidates are looking for career growth potential, leadership development and upward mobility within the organization. Those surveyed in the =2016 Yello Recruiting Study chose career growth and learning opportunities two-to-one over salary and company culture, as the most important factors when accepting a job. To successfully recruit millennial talent, employers should focus on career roadmaps and learning opportunities during the interview process, as well as promote it on their careers page and social channels so it’s readily available to job-seeking candidates.

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