If you’re anything like us, you likely set lofty goals to read as many industry publications as possible every month. But as a recruiter, it can be hard to stay up to date on the latest talent acquisition trends while balancing travel, recruitment events, interview scheduling and candidate evaluations.

That’s why we’re sharing our favorite recruiting content of the month, all in one place. Here’s what some of HR’s biggest names are talking about in July — have a look, and impress your boss with a new idea or two the next time you’re at the water cooler:

Our favorite articles in July:

Why Your Employee Turnover Is Exploding — Explained by the Numbers

by Dr. John Sullivan

It’s no secret that employees are job hopping more than ever before, and CEOs list retention as their top challenge in 2019. Dr. Sullivan breaks down why this phenomenon is taking place, and how to use a data-driven approach to retention.

Candidate Experience: Engaging Job Seekers During the Silent Period

by Sharlyn Lauby

Candidates across all generations want to be treated fairly throughout the recruitment process, but Gen Z candidates are especially likely to equate a low volume of communication with a lack of respect. Sharlyn Lauby shares how to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process, even when there’s nothing new to share.

Is Video the End for Text-Only Job Adverts?

by Katrina Collier + Stephen O’Donnell

Can video re-humanize the recruitment process? That’s the question Katrina Collier and Stephen O’Donnell discussed recently on The #SocialRecruiting Show. Find out how to use video to improve your job descriptions, including production tips and tools, how to increase diversity in your videos, and more.

About that Thank You Note Post…

by Tracey Parsons

Based on recent discussions, Tracey Parsons explores why eliminating candidates who don’t send a thank you note is an outdated school of thought. Rather, we should be focusing on providing a better candidate experience — and in today’s talent shortage, perhaps recruiters should be the ones writing thank you notes.

Recruiters: You Must Ask This One Question

by Greg Savage

Greg Savage argues that the biggest mistake a recruiter can make is to assume. Whether working with candidates or clients, it’s important to constantly be checking in, confirming details, and questioning what you think you know. Read on to find out what question all recruiters should be asking to combat assumption.

The Yello post you loved most this month:

The ROI of Recruiting Ops: How to Measure and Maximize the Talent Process

Recruiting operations is a function that defines work processes, helps talent acquisition teams run more efficiently, and oversees logistics like interview scheduling, offer processing, and onboarding. And even though it’s as important as sourcing, candidate engagement or employer branding, it often gets lost in the shuffle. Cielo’s Adam Godson shares how to prove the ROI of recruiting operations, and offers actionable ways to measure success.