Actively recruiting at hiring events is one of the best ways to connect with qualified candidates. If your organization’s experience at recruiting events is chaotic, inconsistent and filled with manual processes, event management software can help. Below are the top ways event management software can help talent acquisition teams streamline the pre, during and post hiring event experience.

Creates replicable event processes.

Event management software can create replicable processes for every event. This will allow your team to run countless recruiting events with unmatched consistency and view the complete lifecycle of each prospect, long after the event is over. Implementing software will greatly streamline your event-based recruiting efforts, so your team can recruit top talent before, during and after events.

  • Pre-event: Implement event management software to allow candidates to register to attend in advance, streamline pre-event check-in and to schedule interviews through the platform.
  • During events: At the event, talent acquisition teams can capture all candidate data, create a record of event attendance and track all recruiter and candidate actions on one platform. Additionally, candidates can upload their resumes on the spot and self-schedule interviews on-site so your team can leave hiring events without stacks of paper resumes and with all post-conference interviews scheduled. Career fairs can be notorious for inconsistent Wi-Fi; event management software offers offline mode, so recruiting teams can continue to seamlessly collect candidate data.
  • Post-event: Once your team returns to work post-event, what are the next steps? If there is no set strategy to reach out to those candidates you aren’t immediately advancing, you are missing out on crucial opportunities to build a talent pipeline. Leveraging software can ensure the talent pipeline stays informed informed, engaged and excited about the company. 

Provides a central event system.

Event management software serves as one central system to manage events materials, collect candidate data, drive attendance and coordinate post-event follow-up. Every team member gains access to one, complete system to manage event materials and to have full access to all candidate information, regardless of the team member who originally met the candidate at the event.

Offers more visibility.

Event management software can help your team engage with top talent before the competition by marketing events and pre-registering candidates. The software can increase attendee engagement by advertising your organization’s event presence through branded email templates, invitations, career page integration and event pre-registration links.

Provides data transparency.

Event management software can measure event attendance ROI to maximize your company’s presence at hiring events. These data-driven performance metrics measure the hiring events that result in the highest ROI, track the number of hires and total the overall expenses per recruitment marketing effort. This allows talent acquisition leaders to allocate time and marketing dollars to the events that offer the biggest return.    

Manages event team.

Event management software enables transparency by communicating event responsibilities, delegating staff tasks and sharing other relevant event data to all team stakeholders. Implementing software can eliminate disorder at recruitment events by providing all stakeholders a clear understanding of event expectations. Through oversight of staffing, resources, registration and communication, talent acquisition leaders can better manage event attendees.

Are you ready to find out how event management software can work for your talent acquisition team? Learn more about event management software.