Employee Referrals

Empower your workforce to easily refer top talent with a simple, integrated platform that allows employees to track progress of their past referrals. Leverage your internal advocates to streamline sourcing, while lowering turnover rates and creating a more collaborative company culture.

  • Fill positions faster by converting fragmented processes into a valuable employee referral program
  • Reduce cost-to-hire with a simple, proactive alternative to sourcing every hire from scratch
  • Ensure compliance globally with referrals that work seamlessly with your platforms

Encourage your employees to refer candidates with fully branded and integrated employee referral program software.

Empower your workforce

Create a company-wide recruiting culture through transparent employee referral software that engages every employee from submission through hire.

  • Mobile-enabled referral platform
  • Transparent status tracker for employees
  • Internal referral campaigns

Advance referred candidates quickly

Ensure referrals continue through the hiring pipeline with automated review and engagement pushes — moving forward to next steps or nurturing candidates for future roles.

  • Automated employee referral follow-up
  • Streamlined recruiter engagement
  • Proactive, engaged talent pool

Stay ahead of the competition


82% of employers rate employee referrals above all other sources for generating the best return on investment

Source: Clear Company

Resource: A Recruiter’s Guide to Building a Successful Referral Program

Building an employee referral program can convert what is often a fragmented and under-utilized referral processes into a valuable, streamlined program. Learn how to build a successful referral program that empowers your workforce to easily cultivate top talent from their networks.

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Track employee referral program success

Maximize results by measuring employee participation and referral program success to encourage buy-in and growth across the organization.

  • Pipelining and reporting
  • Referral source tracking
  • Employee participation metrics
"Our goal is to increase our employee referral program to 20 percent the first year, 30 percent the second year and then to achieve an industry-leading figure of 40 percent by the third year."

– Joe Shigo, Johnson & Johnson

Fill positions faster and hire quality candidates with Yello’s employee referral program software.