Create a Transparent Scheduling Process

Part of my job is identifying inefficient recruiting processes and replacing them with scalable solutions. Interview scheduling is an essential part of the hiring process, but it is a significant time investment for recruiters, it is entirely manual and key metrics are a mystery. To create efficiencies and improve transparency, we leverage Yello Interview Scheduling Software. We now have complete visibility into every aspect of interview scheduling and improved operational efficiencies by enabling the team to schedule interviews online.


Director of Talent Acquisition Operations


Manager of Talent Acquisition


Speed Hiring to Land In-Demand Talent

I am responsible for ensuring my team meets recruiting goals, but in this competitive market, we lose in-demand candidates due to slow hiring processes. While my team is scheduling interviews over countless back-and-forth logistic emails, the candidate is already interviewing with a competitor. Yello Interview Scheduling Software empowers the hiring team to instantly schedule interviews online. Eliminating scheduling delays accelerates hiring and reduces the number of candidates who drop out of the interview process, while helping our talent acquisition team do more with their time.


Manager of Talent Acquisition


Reduce Time Scheduling to Spend More Time Recruiting

As a recruiter, I juggle a lot. On top of working to meet aggressive hiring goals, I manage a complex, ever-changing interview schedule for candidates and interview team members. I’m often stuck between interviewers who won’t return emails, candidates who have a dynamic schedule and a manager who wants to know why more meetings have not been completed. Yello Interview Scheduling Software helps eliminate those back-and-forth emails and phone calls, allows my manager to view the schedule in real-time, and lets me spend more time achieving my hiring goals by sourcing and engaging with candidates.




Provide a streamlined experience for candidates and hiring managers by scheduling all interviews on one platform

Meet candidates faster and reduce time-to-fill by eliminating back-and-forth communication

Enhance the candidate experience by providing candidates the ability to schedule and reschedule from any device


Find out how to meet top talent faster with Yello Interview Scheduling Software.