Video Interview Software

Implement a virtual interview process to transform traditionally time-consuming interview and screening practices into a targeted strategy that invests in top candidates. With video interview software built into the platform, seamlessly transition from in-person interviews to video meetings, ensuring the hiring process continues to advance no matter what circumstances arise.

Live video interviews

Create flexibility for the interview team with an always-available virtual option.

  • Prevent delays in the hiring process due to travel or unexpected events by inviting candidates to live video interviews.
  • Facilitate all video interviews—one-on-one and panel-style—using robust video interview software with no additional downloads or plug-ins.

Pre-recorded video interviews

Enhance collaboration in the candidate review process by providing stakeholders the flexibility to assess talent on-demand.

  • Reduce screening times by inviting candidates to complete an on-demand video interview at their convenience.
  • Enable recruiters and hiring managers to review and evaluate video responses at any time.
  • Eliminate screening inconsistencies with pre-recorded video templates, including configurable questions, pressurized environments and limitations on the number  of candidate attempts.

Interview from any location and across time zones, reducing delays due to scheduling difficulties and streamlining interview team efficiencies

Ensure schedules are not disrupted by unexpected events, such as weather or illness, to move candidates through the hiring process faster

Increase the talent pool by interviewing candidates from anywhere, instead of being limited by geographical boundaries

Measure success

  • Maximize video interview ROI by tracking completion rates and modifying your video interview strategy for increased adoption.
  • Increase the speed to make hiring decisions by reviewing video interviews on demand.
  • Gain insight into which roles are best suited for video interviewing to implement virtual hiring across the organization.
"We use video interviewing globally and it has created efficiencies for our team. Instead of flying candidates to on-site interviews, we conduct live video interviews and our recruiters review pre-recorded interviews on their own time, instead of during a scheduled phone screen."

– Adam Godson, Cielo

See how video interview software can save you time and money.