For new hires, the first few months at a company can be daunting as they adjust to new company processes, meet new co-workers and get situated in their new role. The pressure is on for your company to make the new hire experience as seamless as possible. Follow these five tips on how to enhance the new hire experience at your company.

1. Put An Emphasis on the First Day

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression so making an employee’s first day great is an important part of the onboarding process. Prepare an orientation that gives your new employees a better idea of company policies, buildings, facilities and workstations. Introduce new hires to other employees, and invite them to lunch. Give them a thorough explanation of their job duties and how it relates to the success of the business. Set up their phones, emails, business card information and password logins prior to their arrival, and create a welcoming workstation, complete with office materials and company swag.

2. Build an Effective Onboarding Program

Build an effective onboarding process to ensure your employees are prepared for success in their jobs. Start employee onboarding prior to day one. Send information like company acronyms, the employee handbook, payroll, health insurance and other benefit forms for new hires to gain a sense of familiarity prior to starting.

3. Make the New Hire Experience Personal

Make the new hire experience personal to help new hires feel engaged with your company and culture from day one. Have a manager send a welcome note and company-themed gift kit within the first week of starting. Encourage new hires to answer a few “getting to know you” questions to help them show their personality to other employees. Create a new employee scavenger hunt to foster more interpersonal relationships. Immediately involve new employees in company community service projects, monthly happy hours or intramurals.

4. Encourage Training and Development

Encourage training and development to help employees continue to build their skills and contribute to company goals. Collaborate with HR team members to create an internal training and mentorship program. Work with department heads to allow new employees to shadow different departments to help new hires get a better understanding of inner company workings. Create a mentorship program that pairs senior members of your organization with new hire to assist with career development.

5. Communicate Often

Communicate often to assess new employee morale and to continually evolve the new hire experience. Create surveys to assess the effectiveness of orientation and the onboarding process. Schedule weekly check-in sessions within the first few weeks of a new employee starting. Respond to all new employee questions or concerns within one business day.

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