As the end of the year approaches, make sure your team concludes 2016 proud of all they’ve accomplished and looking forward to the year ahead. With the conclusion of the fall recruiting season’s frantic pace, set aside time to ensure your team has the correct processes and recognition to stay motivated for a successful 2017.

Keep Colleagues Connected

Travel schedules can be complicated as the end of the year approaches. Let your recruitment team fully enjoy their time away from the office without worrying about who has access to their active candidates’ information and status in the interview process. Plan ahead for absences with shared interview notes, a central repository to access candidate data and a transparent candidate communication process. Streamline year-end interviews by incorporating video interviews and automated scheduling functionality.

Facilitate Employee Referrals

At some point during most holiday gatherings, the “how’s work” question comes up. Incentivize employees to talk about open roles and think of people in their network who may be great additions to your organization. Work with your internal communication team to send reminders about open jobs, so employees are familiar with your company’s open positions during conversations with family and friends who may be looking for a new job in the new year. Whether it’s a referral bonus or extra vacation days, incentivize referrals to show employees that you appreciate their efforts to connect with top talent.

Review Interview Effectiveness

Year-end is a great time to view the interview process holistically, making note of trends and bottlenecks to impact next year’s strategy. Are recruiters and hiring managers asking the right interview questions? Do job posts accurately describe the type of person you seek to hire? Analyze trends and put solutions in place for areas that need tweaking; seek to duplicate efforts on areas where your team excels.

Connect with Employees

If recruiter outreach stops once a candidate officially becomes an employee, take efforts to change that for next year. Recruiters should feel connected to their hires and follow their careers and individual achievements. Ask recruiters to check in with new employees after their first week on the job to ensure that things are going smoothly. Encourage employees to share stories with your team about why they joined your company and why they chose to stay. The more that recruiters understand what motivates candidates to become employees, the better prepared they are to find additional team members in the future.

Recognize Hard Work

Show your team how much you appreciate their hard work by setting aside time to celebrate milestones as a team. It’s easy for every team member to focus on his or her individual contributions for the year and not be as familiar with the team’s annual results. Share these company-growth metrics to celebrate your well-deserved success as a group.

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