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The original version of this post appeared in March 2016.

Last spring, we put together a number of tips to help you prepare for the fall recruiting season. If time just got away, and you haven’t been able to implement any of these suggestions, don’t fret. We’ve compiled some updated suggestions to ensure you and your team are ready for the competitive fall recruitment season ahead.

1. Revisit your annual recruitment goals.

Review your annual recruitment goals prior to attending fall career fairs. Go into the events knowing the key metrics that will achieve these goals. These metrics may include the number of qualified candidates per event, the number of interviews secured, how many offers were made, total offers accepted and what happened to the candidates you met with during previous years. If you don’t have goals in place, start building your 2017 plan now. The foundation of a successful plan includes: assessing historical data to establish new recruitment event goals; creating a tactical plan to accomplish each goal; and identifying the resources needed, such as talent acquisition software, to execute these tactics.

2. Book travel arrangements.

Book your rental cars, flights and hotel accommodations to avoid expensive airfare and sold-out hotels – now! With travel arrangements in place, communicate your upcoming schedule to your team and send calendar invites, to avoid any gaps in coverage at the office during this busy travel period.

3. Create a candidate communication plan.

Share your fall event schedule with talent community members through newsletters and targeted emails. If you have implemented talent acquisition software, provide candidates the option to self-schedule meeting slots at the events they will be attending. This will prioritize scheduling in-person meetings with top candidates and prevent the chaos of events getting in the the way of meeting high-potential recruits.

4. Train new team members on recruitment software.

If new team members have joined your talent acquisition department since earlier in the year, make sure they are fully versed in your department’s software. Ensure every team member understands the software in order to seamlessly recruit top talent before, during and after events; view the complete lifecycle of each prospect; streamline check-in; and to schedule interviews through the platform. At the event, every team member should be able to upload resumes, create a record of event attendance and track all recruiter and candidate actions in one platform.

5. Prepare to engage with your talent pipeline.

You may meet numerous qualified candidates, but only have a handful of open positions. Make sure these folks join your talent community so you can maintain continual communication, to stay top of mind until a relevant open position surfaces. Send them regular messages that might include updates on company awards or accolades, open positions, industry events or networking opportunities. Regularly update your careers page to ensure it reflects your current recruitment marketing efforts.

6. Review interview training best practices.

With all the great candidates you will meet at career fairs this fall, it’s important they have a stellar interview experience with your company. Hold trainings with new and seasoned employees to ensure they understand the company’s candidate selection qualifications and interview process. Send an all-company email with interviewing best practices, the company mission and refreshers on dos and don’ts for interviewing. This reminder will help ensure every candidate’s interview experience remains consistent and aligned with the organization’s missions and goals.

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