Attending recruiting and talent acquisition conferences is a great way to stay current on the trends and best practices of your chosen profession, reconnect with friends and former colleagues, network with the industry’s movers and shakers and even earn credit for your SHRM certifications.

Since there are so many conferences to choose from, we’re going to share nine of our favorite options along with three bonus ones that defy organization. We’re presenting these conferences in calendar order and including the dates and locations when we have them. Also, to give you a sense of what each event has to offer, we’re featuring tweets with each conference’s hashtag.

Upcoming Conferences

1. Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

Produced by: GMSI (Global Strategic Management Institute)
Dates: August 8–10, 2018
Location: Austin, TX
Registration information:

It’s always important to mind your manners, but if you haven’t even gotten far enough with your text recruiting to worry about etiquette, check out this post from the Yello blog: You Should Start Text Recruiting Today. Here’s Why.

2. HR Technology Conference & Expo

Produced by: Human Resource Executive® Magazine
Dates: September 11–14, 2018
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Registration information:

Make a practice of following conference speakers, presenters and panel members on social media. You’ll always get good thought leadership, and you’ll sometimes get treats like conference promo codes.

3. SourceCon

Produced by: ERE Media
Dates: Sept 24–26, 2018
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Registration information:

Jim Stroud is a good guy to follow for ideas on social recruiting and job search strategy (and 25% discount codes on conference registrations).

4. ERE Recruiting Conference

Produced by: ERE Media
Dates: October 15–17, 2018
Location: Orlando, Florida
Registration information:

We’re definitely looking forward to Angie Verros’s presentation on writing catchier recruitment emails.

5. Unleash World Conference and Expo

Produced by: HRN
Dates: October 22–23, 2018
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Registration information:

The Unleash World Conference and Expo is the place to be for global recruitment topics. Just remember that the “#HRTechWorld” hashtag is no longer valid.

6. HR Transform

Produced by: HR Tech, LLC.
Dates: TBD (Spring 2019)
Location: TBD
Registration information:

When you gather the industry’s best and brightest in one place, there’s bound to be some fascinating discussions on diversity recruitment.

7. 2019 SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition

Produced by: SHRM
Dates: April 8–10, 2019
Location: Nashville, TN
Registration information:

You can always count on SHRM to host a lively event.

8. 2018 NACE Conference & Expo

Produced by: National Association of Colleges and Employers
Dates: June 3–6, 2019
Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL
Registration information:

The NACE conference is a must-attend event for people looking to improve their campus recruitment game. While the 2019 schedule isn’t available, you can get a list of 2018’s topics from in the 2018 brochure.

9. Unleash America (previously HR Tech World)

Produced by: HRN
Dates: May 14–15, 2019
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Registration information:

Learning new things at conferences can be exhilarating. Check your program ahead of time to see if the speakers or panelists you’ll be seeing have any new books available.

3 Additional Conferences Worth a Look

Consider the following conferences bonuses because they defy organization. The first two offer multiple events throughout the year, and the third, the Connect HR Leadership Fall Summit, is an invitation-only affair.


Produced by: Hanson Wade
Various events
Various locations
Various dates

LEAP HR organizes its events by industry. If you are in the higher education, life sciences, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, financial services, healthcare, retail, or energy spaces, or if you specialize in acquiring tech talent, you consider attending at LEAP HR event.

#2 DisruptHR 

Produced by: Disrupt HR
Various events
Various locations
Various dates

DisruptHR is a speaking series with dozens of events hosted in cities around the globe. You can watch past talks on the DisruptHR website and check to see if any upcoming events will be near you.

#3 Connect HR Leadership Fall Summit

Produced by: Quartz Events
Dates: Oct 21–23, 2018
Location: Chicago, IL
Registration information:

The Connect HR Leadership Summits allow CHROs and senior-level HR executives to connect with peers. The gatherings are small (fewer than 200 attendees), exclusive (you must receive an invitation), and wholly comped (all meals, airfare, hotel, and conference pass expenses are free to attendees).