Dear Manager, Here’s Why I Want to Attend STRIVE 20192 min read

December 6, 2018 Talent Acquisition

You know you want to attend the 10th Annual Yello Conference, STRIVE 2019, to find how to make the most of recruitment technology, network with peers in talent acquisition and learn how the world’s largest brands connect top talent to the right jobs. Now, you need to ask your manager to attend.

Don’t sweat it—we created a template you can use to request approval. Fill in the blanks, compose an email, press send and prepare to head to Chicago for STRIVE 2019!


Subject: Request to Attend STRIVE 2019 to Learn Talent Acquisition Best Practices

Dear [manager name],

I am reaching out to ask to attend the 10th Annual Yello Conference, STRIVE 2019, which is being held May 1 – 2, 2019 in Chicago. Hosted by talent acquisition technology company, Yello, STRIVE 2019 will bring together 250+ talent acquisition professionals for workshops, expert presentations and information sharing to enhance recruitment practices and help our organization hire top talent.

This year, the conference theme is “recruiting for tomorrow.” The event is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge at a conference exclusively dedicated to talent acquisition, recruitment marketing and recruitment operations. The 2019 conference will offer:

Discussion of emerging trends: Covering a wide range of subjects all tied to talent acquisition, the conference will equip our team with knowledge and best practices to stay ahead of the curve in talent acquisition.

Case studies from the world’s leading brands: Leaders at top companies will offer a step-by-step view into how their teams leverage recruitment technology, enabling us to apply these same practices in our office.

Sneak preview of new technology: Through direct access to Yello consultants and product experts, I will have the chance to preview new technologies and see the Yello product roadmap, helping our team prepare for the latest in recruitment tech.

Networking with 250+ peers: With hundreds of talent acquisition professionals in one room, I will network with and learn from peers across every industry. These networking opportunities will enable me to discuss [insert challenge you would like to discuss with peers], learn how they are solving similar challenges and collaborate on solutions.

Attending STRIVE 2019 will be a valuable opportunity for me, our team and our organization—I will return with recommendations to propel our talent acquisition strategy for the future.

Additionally, if I register before the end of the year, I can attend for $695, saving $800 on the full-price ticket. I hope to be able to participate in this top conference for talent professionals. Please let me know if you have any questions.


[Your name]

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