Integration lets your ATS be an ATS. You’ll avoid a painful migration to an entirely new a software system, keep your valuable data in place, and maintain all the record-keeping and compliance functions your operation requires, while acquiring powerful new tools to deliver qualified, engaged candidates right to your doorstep.  

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider integrating your ATS with a recruitment CRM like Yello.

You’ll Improve the Candidate Experience

The average candidate may not know much about what goes on behind the talent acquisition curtain, but you’d be surprised to know how many are familiar with applicant tracking systems. If you search “ATS” or “online application” on social news aggregation sites like Reddit, the comments tell stories of candidates frustrated by resume parsing that doesn’t work, long applications and more. And you should know that 60% of job seekers report quitting in the middle of filling out online job applications because of the length or complexity of the process.  

A recruitment CRM like Yello—which supports ATS integration with all major applicant tracking systems—can help you create a more appealing candidate experience. In fact, you’ll reduce your application drop-off rate, decrease time-to-hire, and still get all the data you need into your system of record.

You’ll Be Able to Put Your Hard-Won Data to Use

Your ATS is a database. It stores data and helps you find it when you need it. But what about when you’re not entirely sure you need a particular data point? Or if you know the data’s there but you’re not sure how to pull it up? Like, when you’ve got an open role that might just be a perfect fit for a previous candidate who’s had the time to develop some skills and experience since last you spoke?

Don’t let your ATS data rot away unused. When your ATS can talk to your CRM, you can put your data to use. You can curate a talent community of past candidates who had once been engaged with your recruitment brand, source from a pool of silver-medal candidates, or put some oomph into your employee referrals program.

Data integration is useful and painless because it lets you to feed information from one system to another continuously. That means you don’t waste time importing and exporting data sets. When data is created or updated in your ATS or in Yello, it automatically feeds into the other system.

You’ll Lighten the Administrative Load for Your Team

Speaking of not wasting time, your ATS may be creating hours and hours of unnecessary busywork for you and your team. Think of all the tools and systems that you use alongside (but not within) your system—the email, the spreadsheets, the calendars, the Slack channels, and whatever else keeps you away from the task of finding and evaluating talent.

By integrating your ATS with Yello, you can automate candidate communication tasks over email or text, get through applications easier than ever; create custom workflows that let you adapt your processes to different kinds of hires; simplify interview scheduling for every candidate, hiring manager, and talent acquisition team member involved; incorporate evaluation data (via easy export) to facilitate debrief and consensus conversations; and look back through the whole process with reporting features that let you continuously improve every aspect of your operation.