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According to the 2016 Yello Recruiting Study, 62 percent of potential employees indicated speed is a top factor in whether or not they accepted a job, especially if they are applying to multiple jobs at the same time. Organizations no longer have the luxury of thinking they are the only offer on the table. The following five tips can help your team increase the speed of your company’s interview process to extend offers to top talent, faster.

Become the technology evangelist.

As department leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure your group has the tools needed to do their jobs in the most effective way possible. Educate yourself on the technology and advocate your group’s needs to the powers-that-be. Further, explain the importance of embracing new tools to your team. Be their coach on both the basics of recruiting, as well as the ways digital talent acquisition can improve their skills and the department’s productivity.

Implement a centralized repository where all team members can access all candidate data — resumes, video interviews, hiring team feedback.

Employee turnover and mismanaged information should not be either of the reasons you lose top talent. Any recruiting team member, at any point in time, should be able to access all candidate data from a central repository of information (such as a shared drive or a talent relationship management solution) to decrease the time to make an offer. If one recruiter is out during part of a candidate’s interview process, every team member should be able to jump into the process easily to provide support. While delays are often inevitable, inaccessibility of candidate information should not be the cause.

Establish a faster process from initial point of contact.

Consider eliminating phone screens from your interview process and replace them with pre-recorded video interviews. This can cut back on the first-round, in-person interview, and save the hiring team from meeting with unqualified candidates. Pre-recorded video interviews help ensure only the best candidates advance through the process.

Don’t allow scheduling issues to interfere with hiring process.

As you likely remember from earlier days in your career, scheduling interviews can be the most tedious, time-intensive task for recruiters. Implement interview scheduling software, so candidates can self-schedule interviews and removes the recruiting team as the middlemen.

Create an employee referral program.

Bypass the time and hard costs of having to source from scratch for every hire or engage with outside recruiters by using your most valuable asset—your employees. Referrals are often the best employees. Build a referral program to enable your workforce to recruit the best talent from their networks, while minimizing the initial candidate discovery phase.

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