[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” content_placement=”top” v_position=”top” css=”.vc_custom_1482444708270{background-color: #ffffff !important;background-position: 0 0 !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;}” font_color=”#163c4a”][vc_column animation=”none” bg_color=”” bg_image=”” column_padding=”no-padding” column_custompadding=”0px 0px 0px 0px” column_center=”” text_color=”dark” custom_text_color=”” text_align=”left” delay=””]One of the most powerful tools in a recruiter’s tech stack is recruitment marketing software. A comprehensive suite of tools that makes it easy to attract and connect with talent through highly personalized content, recruitment marketing software allows recruiters to foster relationships with candidates throughout any stage of the candidate journey.

While the operative word for a recruitment marketing platform is  ‘marketing,’ recruiters don’t need to be marketing experts to get the most out of their tools. From texting candidates to replenishing talent pipelines, here’s how recruiters can use recruitment marketing software to effectively target and attract top talent:

1. Create compelling content worth sharing through recruitment marketing software

Reaching today’s candidates means enticing them with content that helps your organization stand apart from the competition. Your company may offer incredible opportunities for growth, a great work culture and generous benefits, but if the unique traits of your company aren’t being broadcasted online, candidates won’t know they exist. Recruitment marketing software makes it easy to take the most compelling and relevant aspects of your employer brand and share them with your candidates.

This starts on your website, one of the first touch points where candidates are likely to seek out more information about your organization. Begin by building an “About Us” or “Company Culture” page that highlights your employer brand and showcases your company culture. When it comes to content, there’s no such thing as too much; feel free to highlight news articles, create videos and podcasts, and share photos and testimonials from current employees to tangibly express what it’s like to be a member of your team.

2. Use recruitment marketing software to build automated text and email marketing campaigns

As soon as you’re armed with compelling content, recruitment marketing software makes it easy to share it with candidates over email and text message, the preferred communication methods of the modern workforce. Drawing from talent pipelines, talent communities and candidates from your applicant tracking system, recruitment email marketing campaigns can keep candidates informed about any open positions to ensure they don’t miss out on an opportunity to apply.

This isn’t simply a matter of sending an email with a link to a job application: recruitment marketing software creates personalized messages through easy-to-use templates that highlights the content that’s most relevant to particular job seekers. Custom campaigns can be built to target specific candidate personas via email based on their specific interests, location, or a similar position they applied for in the past.

And to help recruiters work as efficiently as possible, recruitment marketing software makes it possible to send automated communications on your behalf. Targeted content can be shared with your candidates at any cadence, automatically sending updates and information as frequently as your candidates or personas may desire. And because automated campaigns can be deployed over email and text, you’ll be able to stay in touch with candidates through whichever medium they’re most likely to pay attention to.

3. Organize recruitment events with recruitment marketing software

If your company holds recruitment events on college campuses or career fairs, it’s crucial to attract the widest audience possible. The more candidates that attend, the more you’ll be able to fill your pipelines with active and passive candidates.

Recruitment marketing software can help boost attendance at hiring events and make them run efficiently. Before the event, recruitment marketing software can broadcast your event across social media or career sites and offer sign-up forms to candidates in advance. You’ll be able to quickly identify top prospects and get an accurate view into the number of candidates planning to attend. After the event, recruitment marketing software also makes it easy to quantify the event’s effectiveness to inform your future marketing strategies.

4. Measure the effectiveness of your hiring efforts through a recruitment marketing platform

Taking the time to develop compelling recruitment marketing content to share with your talent communities is a great way to invest in the long-term success of your recruiting efforts. But if you’re not effectively keeping track of those efforts to make data-informed recruiting decisions, you’re squandering the opportunity to run effective, efficient campaigns.

Fortunately, recruitment marketing software offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools to measure the success of your campaign efforts. The performance of every recruitment marketing campaign can be measured down to each message’s clickthrough rate, making it possible to see which content resonates with candidates the most. By identifying candidates who click the most number of links in an email, you’ll immediately know who’s interested in your company and is worth additional levels of engagement.