Converting your recruitment event process to a paperless model will completely change the way you and your colleagues forge relationships with institutions and candidates. With the right software, you can lessen the amount of busywork and tedium that goes into organizing and executing successful events so you can focus on more strategic, higher-order tasks. Your booths will be fuller, your candidates will be stronger, your teammates will be more engaged, and your ROI will become clear and measurable. So what’s holding you back?

If you haven’t made the move to paperless recruitment events and career fairs, here’s a quick overview of what you’ve been missing:

1. Painless Planning

If you’re not using recruitment event software that keeps everything you need for an event in a centralized location that’s accessible to every stakeholder on your team, then you’re relying on things like spreadsheets and old emails and—gasp—whatever people remember from their last time at an event.

With recruitment events software, your campus recruiting playbook will become organized and super-charged. You’ll be able to review results of previous visits with a particular campus or organization, get insight into upcoming events, manage key contacts and relationships, and provide ownership and accountability to the recruiters on your team.

2. Booth-Busting Attendance

The first time a candidate hears about your company shouldn’t be when he or she wanders by your career fair booth in search of swag. With recruitment event software, you can make use of all the time you’ve freed up on planning tasks to promote your event to the candidates you want to meet. You can establish relationships before you ever set foot on campus with personalized event invitations, branded email communication, and social media outreach.

If you’re looking for a more automated way to handle your events communication, automatically list your upcoming recruitment events on your site with an events landing page. You’ll be able to reinforce your employer brand and drive candidate registrations without having to devote any IT resources to the task.

3. Resume Collection (and Compliance) Bliss

When you think of a paperless recruitment event, the vision of an immaculate career fair booth has to come to mind. Because resume capture is happening electronically, you’re off the hook for keeping stacks of resumes organized and secure. Also—special bonus feature—you won’t have to waste any time hand-entering applicant details after your event. Instead, everything, including your comments and evaluations, can be moved directly to your ATS.

4. Smooth-as-Butter Interview Scheduling

If you’re reserving time for interviews in your recruitment events, you can take yourself out of the scheduling quagmire by issuing a link to qualified candidates that lets them set up their own interview appointments. That means there are no sign-up sheets to misplace, no accidental double-bookings of interviewers or interviewees to avoid, no time-sucking back-and-forth with busy candidates to manage, and no administrative headaches to distract you and your team.

5. Dazzled Candidates

Today’s college students and recent grads expect campus recruiters to be tech-savvy. With recruitment event software, you can project a positive and attractive tech-savvy image of your organization. Your candidates are fluent in tablets and mobile devices and having these tools in your booth to gather registration information, capture resumes, evaluate candidates, and coordinate scheduling will help you look ahead of the tech divide, efficient, and green.