10/24/2016  //  By Kristy Nittskoff  //  Talent Acquisition

Recruiters live in a fast-paced, always-on and continuously evolving world. Managing expectations from hiring managers, candidates, executive leadership and peers requires tremendous dedication and organization. Provide your talent acquisition team with the technology resources to streamline processes to work smarter, not harder. Find out how to mitigate the distractions that may keep your team away from sourcing and interviewing candidates.

Search Fatigue

Recruiters are constantly engaging with active candidates and nurturing passive pipelines. Managing a continual cycle of names, backgrounds and career goals is both time and labor intensive. If a candidate is a great cultural fit, but not the right technical fit for a specific role, don’t lose track of them due to poor record keeping. Candidate pipelines should not live in spreadsheets, or worse, manila folders. Find a tool that allows the talent acquisition team to search, tag, input notes and flag follow-up calls. Don’t start from scratch every time a vacancy opens; instead, continue a conversation with a previously engaged candidate.

Lack of follow-up

One of the worst ways to welcome candidates into your hiring process is for them to feel like they sent their resume into the proverbial black hole. It’s unrealistic for recruiters to respond to each applicant with a personalized message, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore the touchpoint altogether. Set your team up for success by crafting a friendly message to confirm receipt of a resume and thank them for their interest. As the candidate moves through the interview process, use automated email or text campaigns at each stage to save time and keep the messaging consistent across roles and team members. The message should reflect your employment brand and convey the pertinent information without burying recipients in unnecessary details.

One-way Communication

Facilitate two-way communication with candidates, by investing in self-scheduling tools, video interviewing and faster response times. One-way communication will slow down your recruiting process and will cost your company top talent, resulting in your talent acquisition team spending unnecessary time sourcing. The time-to-fill metric is critical; two-way communication can help attract top talent efficiently and at scale.

Delayed Evaluations

Post-interview, delayed candidate feedback can mean losing that candidate to a faster-moving company. Set feedback deadlines, and collect paperless evaluations with pre-selected evaluation questions to standardize the review process. This speeds up the process and creates an easy way to compare and contrast candidates.

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