11/30/2016  //  By Kristy Nittskoff  //  Candidate Experience

Between yearly planning and coordinating around chaotic holiday schedules, it can be easy to delay extending job offers until after the new year. However, delaying job offers can result in losing candidates to faster-moving companies and can also contribute to losing a candidate’s interest in your company. Use these tips to ensure your team finishes the year strong by extending offers to top talent before January 1.

Leverage Scheduling Flexibility

It’s not always easy for candidates to take time away from the office for interviews. However, during the holiday season, some companies may provide employees with extra vacation days, resulting in candidates having more availability to interview. Use this added scheduling flexibility to ensure your team is meeting with top candidates before the end of the year.

Connect Virtually with Candidates

The holiday season often comes with added travel, flight delays, and overbooked schedules. For those candidates and hiring managers who do find themselves extra-frenzied during the final days of the year, create ways for them to connect digitally. Make it easier on your candidates through the use of pre-recorded video interviews and allow hiring managers to review applicants at a time that is most convenient for them.

Gather Feedback Quickly

With employees rushing to complete last minute projects before the holidays, providing post-interview, candidate feedback may fall down on their list of priorities. Make it easy to collect  feedback through evaluation management software. This will help the recruiting team collect standardized feedback immediately following the interview, to extend offers to candidates, faster.

Highlight Company Culture

With an increase in team celebrations, office holiday parties, and year-end company traditions, use these opportunities to incorporate employee photos in your recruitment marketing initiatives. Take photos you can share on your recruitment-brand social media sites, collect brief employee testimonials on why they love your company to include in talent community communications and if you have any high-potential applicants, invite them to join in some of the celebrations so they can experience your culture first-hand.

Celebrate 2016 Hiring Goals

Your recruiting team worked hard throughout the year to achieve their hiring goals; keep up the momentum in the final weeks. Plan a team outing to celebrate milestones or award individual gift cards to incentivize recruiters to keep spirits high and hiring goals in mind. Celebrate the headcount growth your team helped achieve, and use those metrics to set next year’s goals.

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