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On-campus career fairs can be a blur of tracking down the right campus contact, assembling the booth, collecting candidate information, and before you know it, leaving with a stack of paper resumes covered in illegible handwriting and no idea of the event ROI. If this sounds familiar to you, implement a campus recruiting software platform before you attend the next on-campus career fair. Using recruiting software at on-campus career fairs will enable your talent acquisition team to make data-driven decisions to guide your overall campus recruiting strategy. Learn more about the benefits of using software at on-campus career fairs, and how this investment will help your talent acquisition team recruit the best talent at hiring events.

What Are the Key Benefits of Campus Recruiting Software?

Talent acquisition teams can benefit from campus recruitment software before, during and after on-campus career fairs. Often, companies attend career fairs based solely on the fact that it has always been done. Leverage campus recruiting software to accurately report on the effectiveness of campus recruiting efforts and to make data-driven decisions on where to recruit in the future and why.

Key benefits of campus recruiting software include:

  • Increasing collaboration across teams and geographies, using one platform to manage all campus activities and relationships
  • Justifying participating in campus recruiting events by tracking essential event metrics
  • Building a campus recruiting strategy based on data, and understanding trends to improve campus recruiting ROI
  • Enabling recruiters to focus on engaging with candidates, instead of collecting and filing paper resumes
  • Providing a streamlined experience for candidates and hiring managers by scheduling all interviews on one platform

Why Do Talent Acquisition Teams Need Software at On-Campus Career Fairs?

Recruiting teams need software at on-campus career fairs to store campus and candidate information in one central location and to accurately report on the event results. Below are the top reasons every talent acquisition team needs to implement technology at on-campus career fairs.

To create a central repository.

If your team’s event materials, historical event venue information and on-site event personnel information are stored across team members’ desktops, personal files and in their own knowledge banks, implement a central event repository so every team member can access one, complete system to manage events and materials. Leverage this streamlined system to delegate staff tasks, drive attendance and coordinate post-event follow-up with candidates.

Establish your reputation at on-campus career fairs.

Leverage technology to stand out to students. Establish your company’s reputation with the latest technology that creates, tracks and manages a candidate pipeline to support current open roles and for future planning. Use campus recruiting software to capture everything you need to know about a particular campus and create a central event repository. This insight will help you understand trends and improve campus-based recruiting ROI.

Create replicable processes.

If your on-campus career fair processes vary drastically at every campus, implement the necessary steps to streamline candidates’ experience with your company, and to create replicable processes for your team. A formalized campus recruitment program can help you run your organization’s on-campus events with unmatched consistency, can eliminate event disorder and provide all stakeholders with a clear understanding of event expectations.

Communicate your on-campus career fair schedules.

Let candidates in your talent community know your company’s upcoming on-campus career fair schedule. Send them the list of diversity and campus career fairs on your fall agenda, so you can book meetings with top candidates in advance. Use scheduling software to enable candidates to sign up for interviews and lessen your administrative workload.

Organize your communication with college students.

Campus recruitment software can connect to a talent relationship management (TRM) system to keep in touch with college students throughout the year. Send all communication and track campaigns through one click; easily update candidate data, in case a student moves, changes majors, or transfers to a different school; and collaborate and share candidate information with employees in other departments to help improve recruiting efforts.

Communicate with top college talent before the competition.

Recruit from anywhere, easily with mobile recruiting apps. These apps allow you to capture candidate data/resumes, access real-time candidate information and oversee scheduling while online and offline. This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing all candidate information is captured at on-campus events compliantly, and you can immediately move candidates to the next step of the interview process before other companies do.

To never leave on-campus career fairs with resumes to review.

If your team is still collecting paper resumes and entering candidate data on spreadsheets, invest in the tools to help you retire this manual process. Implement mobile recruiting apps to allow candidates to upload their resumes on the spot at on-campus career fairs. Your team can eliminate reviewing paper resumes, and evaluate candidate information at any point on a phone or tablet without logging long hours in front of a computer or sifting through piles of paper.

To gain event data transparency.

Implement recruiting technology to gain complete on-campus career fair data transparency. One of the most important components of attending hiring events is measuring the ROI associated with each event. Understand where your recruitment marketing efforts are paying off to accurately determine where to allocate your time and budget to gain the biggest return. Maximize your presence at hiring events by eliminating the guesswork out of identifying which campus, diversity and military conferences result in the highest ROI.

Create a Data-Driven Campus Recruiting Strategy

Campus Recruiter: Streamline campus recruitment planningCampus Recruiter

It’s often a struggle to find the information needed to prepare for campus recruiting events. It’s common that event contact information may be stored in missing spreadsheets, and event results from previous year’s are long gone. Campus recruiting software stores all this essential information in one system, so everyone has access to complete, up-to-date information. Whether recruiters are searching for campus contacts, alumni, expenses or offer deadlines, it can be found in one place to easily coordinate logistics for campus events.

As a Campus Recruiter, you can benefit from campus recruiting software by:

  • Saving time with pre, during and post on-campus career fair preparations. You spend the majority of your time leading up to on-campus career fairs trying to track down event contacts and logistics materials from previous years; software can help streamline the preparation time leading up to the event, so you can focus on sourcing and hiring great candidates. Using mobile apps and scheduling software will create a seamless way to collect candidate data and schedule interviews, following the event.


Manager of University Relations: Leverage data to guide campus strategyManager University Relations

Developing existing and new relationships with top-tier universities to attract interns and new graduates is a significant part of a Manager of University Relations’ role. Many companies have long-standing university partnerships leveraged to recruit each year, but the impact of these partnerships on hiring goals is unclear. Campus software delivers insight into campus recruiting metrics, to determine where campus recruiting teams should allocate future campus recruiting time and resources.

As a Manager of University Relations, you can benefit from campus recruiting software by:

  • Being confident in the events the recruiting team is attending, and knowing you’re spending your budget on the events that will offer the highest return and attract the most qualified candidates. Leverage recruiting software to assess the payoff of historic partnerships and present these recommendations to the leadership team to be the authority on where to best spend your team’s time and budget.


Director of Diversity and Inclusion: Integrate campus recruiting and diversity hiringDirector of Diversity and Inclusion

For Directors of Diversity and Inclusion, diversity recruiting efforts may feel disconnected from the hiring team’s efforts. While working closely with campus teams, diversity and inclusion efforts can be derailed as campus teams are spread across the country and have business-specific hiring goals. Campus recruiting software enables Directors of Diversity and Inclusion to measure the effectiveness of campus diversity initiatives to better align campus and diversity hiring goals, and drive workforce diversity initiatives.

As a Director of Diversity and Inclusion, you can benefit from campus recruiting software by:

  • Increasing the visibility of diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the company. By better understanding the results of campus diversity initiatives, you can most effectively work with the talent acquisition team to reach diversity goals, and ensure that it is a widely company supported initiative.

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