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College Recruiting 101: Budgeting Basics

FREE DOWNLOAD: Join us for College Recruiting 101 as our panel of experts discuss the fundamentals of creating budgets to help ensure successful recruiting outcomes while minimizing the impact of unexpected fees and costs.


Recruiting Technology 101

FREE DOWNLOAD: The recruiting industry is awash in technology related to recruitment marketing, candidate discovery and assessment, videos for interviewing and employer branding, de-biasing, scheduling, and artificial intelligence; where does one start when figuring out the toolset for their organization? Join Frank Sprague, senior manager of recruiting and sourcing at Blackboard as he shares the information you and your team need in order to navigate the overwhelming landscape of recruiting tech.


Your Interview Process: A 360º Transformation

FREE DOWNLOAD Transform your interview process! Do you wish your team could spend less time coordinating efforts and more time having strategic conversations?


Build a Strategic Campus Recruitment Program

FREE DOWNLOAD To achieve campus recruitment goals, companies must rethink traditional university programs. Join this webinar to learn how to implement a strategic campus recruitment program to improve quality-of-hire, candidate communication and overall campus recruitment ROI.