With the end-of-year crunch in full swing, it’s easy to feel pulled in every direction as you collect evaluation feedback, send offer letters to candidates and plan for 2017 hiring needs. Avoid the mentality of simply crossing items off your recruiting to-do list, and remember to remain focused on providing the best candidate experience throughout the interview process. Follow these tips to ensure candidates stay grateful about receiving job offers from your company.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Provide candidates with a consistent and direct point of contact with your organization. Throughout the interview process, make sure the candidate knows exactly where they stand during the process. Provide frequent updates even if you don’t have any news to report; a brief email letting them know the interview process is still ongoing goes a long way to calm eager candidates’ frayed nerves.

Make Scheduling Easy

Both candidates and the interview team likely have full calendars that won’t allow for much scheduling flexibility. Reduce the number of back-and-forth logistical emails, and use interview scheduling software to provide candidates the ability to schedule interviews directly from their preferred device. Scheduling software removes the recruiting team as the go-between by providing candidates with a self-service platform to allow them to select interview slots that work best with their schedules, reschedule interviews without disrupting your staff and also allows your team to schedule multiple candidates at once.

Ease Pre-Interview Jitters

Candidates have a lot on their minds leading up to an interview. Will they make a great impression? Do they have the right blend of skills and experience? Do they align with the company’s values and mission? Take the guesswork out of some of their interview prep by providing candidates with information about the interview to help them prepare. Provide the names and titles of the people with whom they will meet, allowing them to do their own research prior to the interview. Include a hyperlink to a map of your office location, along with details on parking or nearby public transportation options. Send an email the day before the interview to build excitement and confirm any last minute details.

Focus on Flexibility

Building a cross-departmental interview team is an important part of introducing candidates to a diverse selection of employees. It also allows for diversity of thought regarding feedback on an applicant’s candidacy. However, bringing this interview team together to a single point in time and location can be nearly impossible. Don’t let travel schedules and disparate locations stall your interview process. Eliminate the struggle by implementing video interviewing, either in real-time or through a pre-recorded session.

Relay Feedback Quickly

Candidate excitement is likely at an all-time high after an interview with your hiring team. Don’t lose the momentum, due to lack of communication. Remove barriers for hiring managers to submit feedback by creating electronic channels to do so. Collect feedback from interview participants immediately, while information and impressions are still fresh. Candidates crave feedback, both positive and negative. Providing yours in a timely manner shows respect and regard for your candidates, whether they are on track to become your future colleagues or not.

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