Speaking with over 700 random college students and recent graduates, the 2018 Yello Recruiting Study: Demographic Deep Dive takes an in-depth look at the career aspirations and job search methodology of millennials. Among those who have accepted a job offer, one-third of survey participants identified as being members of a talent community. With millennials eager to find workplaces that offer a strong cultural fit, it’s never been more important to have a robust talent community for the candidates in your talent pipeline.

Why build a talent community?

talent communityA talent community helps organizations build a pipeline of passive candidates who may be interested in working for your company but aren’t ready to apply for a position. This social recruiting tool allows recruiters to authentically engage with candidates who have already expressed interest an interest in joining your team. Talent communities aren’t simply places for candidates to find jobs — they’re also opportunities to share a glimpse into the culture and experience your workplace offers.

Taken from the 2018 Yello Recruiting Study: Demographic Deep Dive, here’s a glimpse into what millennials are looking for when seeking work, and how your talent community can help support that search.

Show off your city

There’s no telling where your next star employee might come from, and that’s a good thing: for the right job, 94% of our survey respondents said they would be willing to make a long-term or short-term move. With the vast majority happy to relocate for the right opportunity, make sure your talent community makes a potential move as appealing as possible. Highlight the things that make your city unique, like its entertainment scene or nearby outdoor activities, as well as basics like transportation and cost-of-living.

Be technologically advanced

From pagers to iPods, millennials have come to age in a world where technology is literally at their fingertips. As users expect more and more from their computers, tablets, and mobile phones every day, they also expect their workplace to reflect our modern world: 20% of respondents said a lack of technology would keep them from taking a job, and 10% chose not to apply for a job on a site that didn’t accept mobile job applications.

Show your talent community you’re serious about staying ahead of the curve by embracing modern digital solutions. Utilizing tools like text recruiting, video interview software or interview self-scheduling software tells candidates early in the process that your company speaks digital fluently and values technology as a way to enhance workers’ productivity.

The recruiter matters

For a candidate, the recruiter continues to play one of the most vital roles over the course of a job search. 70% of survey respondents indicated that the recruiter played a major role in making the decision to take a job — and 20% said the recruiter was the reason an offer was turned down. Recruiters looking to provide a great candidate experience should look to their talent community. By staying engaged with candidates and offering personal communication, recruiters can build levels of trust and friendship over the course of a candidate’s career journey.

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