This Thanksgiving, Here’s What Recruiters Should Give Thanks To3 min read

November 20, 2018 Talent Acquisition

Pumpkin pie, the Macy’s Day Parade and the slow creep of Christmas songs on the radio means it’s just about time for Thanksgiving. If you’re a recruiter, here’s a look at why now’s a good time to be more thankful than ever.


It’s the season of giving thanks, catching up with loved ones and overloading on tryptophan. No matter how easy — or difficult — your year has been, Thanksgiving offers a chance to pause and be grateful for the people, places and things that have peppered your past year.

Just like planning a big turkey dinner for the in-laws, working as a recruiter is often stressful but ultimately satisfying. Before heading home for a long weekend of football, red wine and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, take stock of the things recruiters have to be thankful for this year.


From early morning phone calls to late night emails, is there any better friend than coffee to help a recruiter get through the day? Just like a talent pipeline, it’s always there when you need it and a cinch to refill.


Without candidates, what would recruiters do? Well, for one, they’d be out of a job, but they’d also be missing out on the personal connections and success stories that make recruiters love their work. While there are plenty of instances where recruiting turns into a stressful, time-consuming line of work, it’s those hard-fought moments of finding a candidate their dream job or guiding someone’s career into a direction they never saw possible that makes recruiting incredibly rewarding. Be thankful for your candidates — and when you make your next placement, they’ll be thankful for you.


It’s a national holiday. You’re not supposed to work. Enjoy it.


Remember the old days of collecting paper resumes, flipping through stacks of them in a hotel room after a recruitment event and waiting for a candidate to call your landline to schedule an interview?

Neither do we. A tablet running Yello’s talent acquisition apps has changed the game, enabling candidates to schedule their own interviews, share their resumes and stay engaged with recruiters after recruitment events. Be thankful that all you have to carry around is one device to keep track of it all — and that you remembered to bring the charger.

Travel rewards

The approaching winter break means the conclusion of the fall recruitment season — including the miles you’ve driven, the planes you’ve flown in and the hotels where you’ve crashed after another campus recruiting event. Be thankful you’re able to keep track of your travels with your favorite travel partners, eventually earning enough rewards to give yourself that long-deserved vacation you keep putting off.

Video Interviewing

Video interviews makes recruiting candidates more convenient than ever before. No more candidates calling in with flight delays, causing you to reschedule interviews. No more “stuck in traffic” excuses. And if you record the interview, just replay at-will for the hiring manager. 

Artificial intelligence

When it comes to those moments at the dinner table where you’re stuck listening to that second cousin talk about his workout routine, you might find yourself wishing artificial intelligence would proliferate a little bit faster. Be thankful that in the world of recruitment software, it is.

Yello’s AI-powered scheduling technology will simplify the lives of recruiters and coordinators everywhere. Built with back-to-back sequential interviews, panel interviews, and onsite interviews in mind, Yello’s newest scheduling software uses a powerful interview-matching algorithm to automatically suggest interview times that work for all parties. It might not get you out of the conversation about overhead squats, but it will save you time and money.

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