What Is the Biggest Challenge in Recruitment? Experts Weigh In.2 min read

May 21, 2019 Candidate Experience

Three Yello customers representing companies from three different industries weigh in on some of the biggest challenges facing talent acquisition professionals today.


Challenge #1: Graduating from Tactical Thinking to Strategic Planning

“One of the biggest challenges we are facing in the talent acquisition industry today is the availability of skilled labor. We can’t rely on post-and-pray. We’ve got to be more strategic and proactive, and engage with our candidates and applicants.”
— Doug McMann, Kiewit

Recruiters love how recruitment CRM software allows them to establish a real connection with candidates, including the coveted passive candidates who may not be looking to make a move right away. By cultivating relationships over time and drawing candidates deeper into his company’s talent pipeline, Doug doesn’t have to limit himself to the pool of candidates who happen to be looking for a job at the time a role is posted online.

Watch three talent leaders talk about the challenges they face. 

Challenge #2: Overhauling the Candidate Experience

“I think talent acquisition is shifting more towards the candidate experience. Now that candidates know that they have a little bit more of the control, they can choose where they want to go. They have more flexibility and they’re pushing it onto us and what we can offer them.”
— Marissa Boretz,  BMW of North America, LLC

Using a software solution to manage and optimize the candidate experience is one of the smartest things recruiters like Marissa can do. By making her applications mobile-friendly, sending timely and useful communication, and delivering a smooth, organized, and painless interview experience, recruiters reinforce all the good feelings candidates have about an organization at the start and pumps positive energy into their view of it going forward.

Challenge #3: Standing Out from the Pack

“There’s a lot of competition right now, so I think a big challenge for us is: how we do we stand out from the pack? How do we get candidates to buy into us as a company and want to accept our job offer when they have five or six job offers on the table?”
— Jennifer Landis,  E. & J. Gallo Winery

Recruiters like Jennifer know the power of recruitment marketing and are embracing the kind of campaigns that helps teach candidates about their companies, generate and maintain interest, and inspire action whenever a perfect-fit opportunity may arise. By using a software solution like Yello, recruiters coordinate recruiting event and job board activity and amplify their efforts with first-rate candidate communication that keeps candidates engaged and hungry for more.

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