Virtual recruiting has made candidate sourcing even harder. According to Yello’s Virtual Campus Recruiting Benchmark Report, nearly 2 in 3 recruiters say they need additional sources of talent to meet their hiring goals.

But it’s not enough to have a bigger list. You need to find the right candidates – diversity, STEM and more. That’s why Yello created the Yello Sourcing Marketplace. It’s a central spot where you can target different types of candidates to meet specific hiring needs.

This new webinar will review how the candidate data from Symplicity, a Yello Sourcing Marketplace partner, can help you create a targeted approach. You’ll discover important information about their dataset:

  • 350+ career centers
  • 400,000+ candidates
  • 84/100 top U.S. law schools
  • 50+ minority-serving institutions

You’ll also learn more about the seamless Symplicity and Yello connection.  You can bring the candidate information right into Yello and start the outreach.

Reach candidates, take some steps out of your day. What a win! Register today.