When it comes to early talent recruiting, the numbers game is outdated. Recruiters can’t always just find more candidates — especially when they’re looking for niche groups like STEM majors or underrepresented talent. 

But some recruiters are taking a more proactive approach. They connect with candidates before the job search starts, building up a solid early talent pipeline of the exact candidates they need. 

Tallo has joined Yello’s Sourcing Marketplace to help you do just that. 

Tallo is the nation’s largest pool of self-identified early talent candidates. Over 1.25 million students and emerging professionals from high schools and colleges use Tallo to connect employers. Their pool includes: 

  • More than 1.25 million candidates
  • 31,000 schools (high school and universities) 
  • 53% female profiles
  • 30% racial or ethnic minority profiles
  • STEM-interested talent

With Tallo and Yello’s seamless connection, you can reach students and emerging professionals for talent pipeline development, internships and future hires. Then, engage those candidates and invite them to the next step in your recruiting workflow or candidate nurture process — all in one centralized place.