Virtual recruiting has made it even harder to source quality candidates. 

It’s more than just adding countless new names to your traditional talent pool. 

Recruiters know quality beats quantity any day. 

And quality is critical when looking for candidates with the right experience, skills and background. 

Now, finding niche sources of talent just got easier. 

Introducing the new Yello Sourcing Marketplace, the first early talent acquisition solution with one-stop access to leading sourcing vendors.  

You’ll expand your talent pool with targeted niche candidates — like STEM, diversity, high school, veterans and more — all seamlessly integrated into Yello’s familiar recruiting platform. And all made possible through our exclusive partnership with trusted sourcing vendors Symplicity, Tallo and Hiring America.

Join us for a webinar to learn how you and your team can use Yello Sourcing Marketplace to:

  • Access niche sources of talent, specializing in STEM, diversity, high school, veterans and more
  • Source beyond events to expand your talent pool and find more top candidates
  • Meet diversity needs with more candidates from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Seamlessly import candidates into Yello, then take action and invite candidates to events, interviews and more