02/22/2018  //  By Tracy Kelly //  Case Study

A global, fast-growing technology company with a workforce of more than 1,500 faced a challenge: they needed to recruit future leaders to keep up with the organization’s continued growth. To do this, the company’s talent acquisition team sought to launch a student outreach and campus recruiting strategy. By expanding recruiting efforts to connect with college students, they wanted to create an experience that reflects the culture and helps candidates connect with the brand.

To accomplish this, the company needed a technology partner who could streamline the way they manage relationships with individual candidates, and scale their efforts to create an authentic, culture-forward experience for every prospect at nearly 75 career fairs globally.

Solution: Culture-focused campus recruiting program

To set the foundation for their student outreach strategy and build student excitement about career opportunities, the company started by re-engaging passive candidates. They leveraged Yello’s talent relationship management solution to send targeted campaigns aimed at re-engaging students who may be interested in a future opportunity with the company. The recruitment team immediately saw results from the re-engagement campaign—nearly half of the students who opened targeted emails visited the organization’s student-focused career portal.

Re-engaging students, and keeping them warm for future opportunities, was only one part of the student outreach strategy. The company also needed to engage students face-to-face, at career fairs all over the world. The team uses Yello’s event management solution to drive student registration for upcoming career events. Through the solution, students sign up for tech meetups, on-campus events and more. Candidates pre-register to meet the company on campus, enabling recruiters to review candidate resumes and qualifications before they arrive at the event.

At campus recruiting events, recruiters speed resume collection by using Yello’s mobile recruiting apps. Recruiters upload resumes at first point-of-contact and easily access candidate data to continue engagement after the career fair. The apps enable recruiters to focus on providing a positive experience, rather than collecting and filing paper resumes. Candidates can also join the organization’s talent community; recruiters tap these candidates when the right role opens.

Business impact: An engaged talent base for the next generation of leaders

Through a partnership with Yello, the organization successfully launched a student outreach and campus recruiting strategy that reflects the brand and cultivates a community of interested candidates. Since launching the program in 2016, the talent team:

  • Increased the number of student applications from 3,000 to more than 50,000 in less than 18 months. By activating passive candidates through engaging content, showcasing their employer brand on campus and providing opportunities for candidates to meet current employees at events, the recruitment team cultivates a pool of talent to tap for internships and entry-level positions.
  • Engaged with more than 10,000 students and candidates at career events, meetups and campus career fairs. With Yello, the organization runs a streamlined campus recruiting program, meeting thousands of students. The recruiting team leverages the technology post-event to gain insight into event ROI.
  • An engaged talent community 20,000 candidates strong and growing. The company continues to interact with prospects through their talent community, providing content that offers a unique view into the culture.

The organization launched a culture-focused campus recruiting strategy that successfully engages thousands of candidates, while increasing the applicant pool and developing a pipeline of students to lead the company into the future.