When we think about the talent shortage, we tend to think about experienced hires — the dwindling leadership pipeline and the lack of skilled labor.

According to Indeed, we might be wrong about that. In their annual Employer Outlook Survey, 41% of companies said their entry-level roles are actually the hardest to fill.

Why it matters

The vast majority of companies have felt the impact of the talent shortage, with more than 80% reporting that the talent shortage has hurt their business. To fill the gaps, recruiting teams at those companies are renewing their focus on campus recruitment and early talent.

Other companies are doing the same. This year, 70% of companies plan to hire college graduates — meaning the campus hiring process is more competitive than ever before.

At the same time, candidates across generations overwhelmingly agree that the hiring process should take less than 2 weeks. How can your team simultaneously handle increased competition while staying ahead of other companies?

Streamlining sourcing to stay ahead

The most effective way to secure top candidates is simple: be first.

If your company identifies and engages a candidate before the competition, you already have a leg-up in the hiring process. If you end up extending an offer before the other companies do, it’s more likely than not that the candidate will accept — even if you’re not the candidate’s top choice.

Across all generations, Gen Z is most likely to hold out for their first-choice employer even if they’ve already received an offer — but only one-third would definitely wait for a preferred offer.

Graph showing how Gen X, Employed Millennials, Student Millennials, and Gen Z would respond in a situation in which they are in the interview process with their first-choice company, but their second-choice company extends them an offer.

The majority would accept a second choice or weigh the decision based on salary. Older generations are even more likely to accept the first offer they receive.

While hiring processes and internal timelines can dictate which companies send offers first, finding and connecting with candidates before other companies have the chance to do so is a sure way to be one step ahead in the race for top talent.

Bottom line: Recruiters that prioritize sourcing will identify talent before their competitors, providing them a leg up in the race for talent at every stage. When a day or two can make the difference between a candidate accepting one role over another, companies must adopt an automated and accelerated sourcing program to ultimately capture top talent — before their competitors can.

Yello’s streamlined candidate sourcing software helps you pinpoint top talent outside of your candidate pool — then engage them with built-in pipelining, communication and activity tracking. With Yello, your team can automate sourcing efforts to reach more qualified candidates, cut down on license fee cots and eliminate siloed sourcing to see qualified talent from across the web in one place.

Save time with smarter job board sourcing

Quickly search qualified talent from across the web in one place, then import into Yello for expedited engagement — while reducing costly job board license fees.

  • Centralized job board search
  • Automatic scans and candidate import
  • DAXTRA boards and LinkedIn integrations
  • Centralized candidate profiles

Grow proactive strategies for passive talent

Stay ahead of surprise hiring needs and be prepared for your next great hire, even before the role is available, by discovering and nurturing top candidates pre-application.

  • Branded talent communities
  • LinkedIn quick-add extension
  • Personalized nurture campaigns
  • Conversion-focused follow-up

Talent rediscovery and recapture

Repurpose previous top candidates with advanced search and engagement tools that can uncover talent lost in your ATS or candidate database — even across business units or regions.

  • ATS and talent pool mining
  • Advanced candidate search and filters
  • Track previous activities and touchpoints
  • Personalized re-engagement campaigns
Talent Rediscovery screenshot

Measure sourcing ROI

Access real sourcing insights to understand which channels perform best — helping you manage sourcing resources more strategically, without relying on educated guesses.

  • Reporting and metrics
  • Pipeline visualizations
  • Candidate engagement metrics
  • Source channel tracking

“Our talent community has 2.3 million candidates and all of this has been enabled through our partnership with Yello.”– Johnson & Johnson

Identify top talent faster

Whether you’re looking to automate sourcing or cut down on costs, Yello has the functionality you need to organize your sourcing efforts — all into one cohesive, efficient pipeline. Build a competitive pipeline with Yello, and ultimately identify and engage the candidates you need to move your organization forward.