So while COVID-19 will eventually fade away, virtual recruiting will not. It’s an key part of your recruiting toolbox, and it’s proven itself to have advantages of its own well beyond social distancing. It improves the recruiting experience. It quickly delivers targeted results. And it opens the doors to more and better candidates, in a recent Yello campus survey more than half the respondents indicated that outdated recruiting methods would deter them from applying. Review it here.

For 2021, the gold standard is to use a hybrid approach: mixing virtual strategies with live in-person events. This gives you the best of each method, and can really boost the quality of your hires. As campuses across the country get back into gear, this is an especially appropriate time to review how you’re using these new tools and which virtual recruiting best practices need to be adopted. Yello has compiled seven essential resources to help you do just that.

1.  See how virtual recruiting is saving one major employer thousands of dollars IRL.

The company is international accounting and consulting giant BDO. The virtual recruiting strategies leverage solutions from Yello, And the in-real-life numbers show a major improvement in ROI: lower travel costs and event fees, greater candidate selection, faster screening, and significant time savings for recruiters. They are delighted with their digital transformation, and you can easily reap the same advantages. Read how BDO did it here.

2.  Learn the 11 ways video interviews can power up hiring.

Looking for a comprehensive list of reasons why video interviewing can improve your process? Here it is — exactly the thing to help convince anyone favoring the same-old to come aboard the virtual train. From eliminating scheduling roadblocks to accommodating more candidates to speeding up evaluations, we’ve listed all the benefits of adapting your campus interviewing strategies. See them here.

3.  Avoid losing top talent to faster-moving companies.

In-demand candidates don’t stay available for long, and when they are out of town distance can work against you. Video interviewing changes the game. It can reduce time-to-hire, slash your travel expenses, and bring candidates and interview teams together more quickly than traditional in-person meetings. Yello has compiled the top six benefits that video interviewing can bring to your talent acquisition activities. Get the list here.

4.  Conduct your live video interviews like a pro.

While most video interviewing platforms — and certainly Yello — are intuitive to use, there are pro tips that make the virtual process even smoother. For example, sending out automated candidate reminders before the interview can eliminate time zone confusion and keep everyone on the same page. Yello’s Customer Success Team has put together a helpful list of video interviewing best practices. Download it here.

5.  Follow best practices when hosting virtual events.

The virtual technology that makes interviewing possible also makes live events easy and effective. You may choose to livestream informational events webinar-style, broadcasting to as many as 3,000 attendees. Or you may prefer interactive video conferences for smaller groups, where attendees can participate with video and audio. Either way, there are key procedures you should adhere to for pre-planning, promotion, optimizing content, hosting the event, and evaluating your success. Help yourself to our free guide here.

6.  Use proven strategies to combat talent shortages.

Concerns over a lack of talent are a global problem: businesses worldwide in many different industries all share the risk of falling behind in attracting skilled employees. You can keep your company competitive with strategies that emphasize maximizing student engagement, building your own talent communities, and leveraging technology to speed up your hiring practices. Check out our list of 5 key strategies.

7.  Increase candidate engagement by saving more time.

As much as virtual recruiting can streamline your time, it still requires administrative tasks on your end  — and more than one-third of HR professionals report not having enough time to properly engage candidates. So it’s smart to pair your virtual communications technology with the automated tools that give you more time to build relationships. Targeted text messaging. Branded email campaigns. Leveraging multiple communications tools lets you create better candidate experiences, even if your own resources are limited. Discover how to give yourself more time here.

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