From strategic interview questions to top time-saving apps, the following list outlines Yello’s most-read blog posts of 2016. Read on to access these posts and begin 2017 equipped with the talent acquisition knowledge to have your most successful professional year yet.

  • Avoid a Good Interview and a Bad Hire with These Questions. Many candidates have their interviewing game down to a science; they know the most common questions an interviewer will ask and have their canned responses perfected. It’s possible these candidates may be great interviewees, but not the best employees, so avoid this type of hiring mistake by asking these seven questions.
  • Why Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs. If your only recruitment marketing strategy is letting candidates come to you, you are missing out on top talent opportunities. Find out five reasons why candidates aren’t applying to your jobs.
  • 7 Tips Every Entry-Level Recruiter Needs to Know. You have a big responsibility: helping your company achieve its hiring goals. While at times it can be daunting, you can achieve great success by following these seven tips to set the foundation for a successful career. 
  • 5 Alternatives to Traditional Job Descriptions. To capture the initial interest of top talent — especially Millennials and Gen Z — it’s important to adjust how job descriptions are positioned. Incorporate these five alternatives to traditional job descriptions into your recruiting strategy to attract top candidates.
  • 6 Ways to Automate Recruiting Processes. Automate the interview process to save valuable time finding the best candidates, without detracting from the overall candidate experience. Here are six ways to automate your recruiting process.
  • 6 Apps Every Recruiter Should Download. Be strategic with your go-to mobile apps to stay organized, save valuable time and streamline your recruitment initiatives. Find out six apps every recruiter should download.
  • 5-Step Checklist to Measure the Candidate Experience. Creating opportunities for candidates to provide feedback provides a platform for candid reviews, and helps talent acquisition teams continually enhance the recruiting experience. Follow this checklist to most effectively measure the candidate experience and understand how potential new hires view your company.
  • How to Build an All-Star Talent Acquisition Department. As a leader, your challenge is not only finding the top candidates for your open positions, but also finding the top recruiters for your department. Find out the top five qualities to look for in potential recruiters when building your talent acquisition department.
  • The 6 Biggest Recruitment Problems, Solved. Regardless of how fine-tuned your recruitment strategy is, there are those inevitable, recurring challenges every recruiter faces. Find out how to solve the most common recruitment challenges talent acquisition teams experience.
  • 8 Ways to Improve Your Internship Program. Consider your internship program an investment in your company’s next generation of talent. Whether you’re creating a new internship program or updating your current one, incorporate these initiatives into your strategy to attract, hire and mentor your next class of interns — and potential future employees.

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