In the United States, Independence Day is one of the best times of the year to throw hot dogs on the grill, light fireworks, and brush up on American history. From the beginning, our founding fathers were dedicated to protecting our country’s citizens by drafting the Constitution, and later, the Bill of Rights.

July 4 presents an opportunity for recruiters to apply those same principles to their candidates. In pursuit of an even better candidate experience, recruiters should be able to say with confidence that each and every candidate in their talent community is treated with the respect and care they deserve.

In celebration of Independence Day, behold the Candidate Bill of Rights:

Article I

Freedom of Hassle

Employers shall make applying for open positions an unencumbered process, free from difficult applications that are incompatible with mobile devices and endless email back-and-forth to schedule interviews.

Article II

The Right to Transparency

No employer shall, when recruiting for a position, leave candidates in the dark for weeks about the status of their application or interview. Recruiters shall use CRM software to ensure frequent communication with candidates.

Article III

The Right to Frequent Communication

Candidates shall receive job updates using modern communication methods, including text messaging, based on their generational preferences.

Article IV

Protection from a Poor Candidate Experience

Candidates may decide whether or not they accept a job based on interactions with their recruiters, a company’s employer brand, and other factors that contribute to a positive candidate experience.

Article V

The Right to a Speedy Interview Process

Employers shall use every available tool at their disposal to make the interview process as expeditious as possible, like interview scheduling and video interviewing software. This process shall take no more than two weeks, the maximum interview process duration 80% of candidates are willing to endure.

Article VI

Protection from Mismatched Work Cultures

Candidates shall only be presented with highly relevant and personalized recruitment marketing content, including accurate and compelling information that truly captures the story of what work life at a company looks like.

Article VII

The Right to Work in a Diverse Workplace

Employers shall prioritize hiring a workforce diverse in thought and life experience  to create an environment filled with unique perspectives, voices, and ideas.

Article VIII

The Right to a Smooth Onboarding Process

No candidate shall be expected to endure a slow, unfocused onboarding process that neglects to fully introduce new employees into the work culture.

Article IX

The Housing of Referrals

Employers shall make it easy for existing employees to provide referrals for qualified candidates through a mutually beneficial employee referrals program.

Article X

The Right to Join a Talent Community

Employers shall make it easy for interested candidates to join a talent community, keeping  passive talent aware of relevant news, information, and new career openings within a company.